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JP Morgan Article

Nov 03, 2010

Here is a revealing article that I received today:

Only three months ago the world was saying "We're out of the recession and the banks are strong"... Not any more!

Dimon Burdened With WaMu as JPMorgan Makes Overseas Push


Listen to this quote that 80% of JPM's mortgage portfolio are troubled assets and they have reversed a large amount of reserves so there is no margin of error.

Notice that there is NO MENTION of the Silver Investigation as there is STILL NOT many people who know of the silver manipulation issues. The CFTC announcement of charges when it comes, and it will come, will shatter the banking cabal and send silver prices into the stratosphere! The $100 Trillion JP Morgan derivative meltdown ain't gonna be pretty.

Make no mistake...these are frontal public attacks on the Bad Guys that will hit a fevered pitch come next week.

Tick, tick, tick...

My Comment:

The news media has always been used to polish the image of tarnished corporations and politicians, so that they don't have to change their practices or repent from their sins.

But when there are competing factions among the power brokers, whether foreign or domestic, the media becomes a pretty good measure of who is winning behind the scenes. We are now seeing the media uncovering things that were hidden in the past by editors who were in bed with the Babylonian world rulers.

In Scripture, the Kings of the East included MEDIA and PERSIA. It seems that "the media" is one major force by which Babylon is falling. These are Media Wars in today's context, and some nations out East are "Fed up" with the Babylonian rulers who have been telling them what to do for a very long time. Now that the Western banking system is collapsing, those other Eastern nations are revolting and challenging their power.

God is using some very powerful forces in other parts of the world to set us free from the Fed. Let's not allow Babylon to hype us with the Patriotic Card into supporting their bid to remain in power. It may look like the war is East vs. West, but from God's perspective, it is Cyrus and Darius vs. Belshazzar.

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