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Iraq's New Covenant Formed--and some comments on the Birthright

Nov 08, 2010

A new government in Iraq has been agreed upon, and they are set to make a formal announcement later today.

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The Iraqi Supreme court had ruled on October 24 that they must come to some agreement and establish a government by November 7. They are only a day late, which is a miracle in itself.

The old Prime Minister, Maliki, will again be the new PM, as I had suggested on my blog of October 9. You may want to re-read it, since it lays out a possible scenario for Maliki, the "King of Babylon." I believe that he is a type of Belshazzar in Daniel 5. Go to:


This new government overcomes the last major hurdle in the revaluation of the dinar, which will bring Iraq's banking system back into the IMF so that its currency can be traded internationally once again. That, of course, is dependent upon the UN Security Council, since it is Chapter VII of the UN's charter that put Iraq under sanctions back in 1990.


We are now nearing the 17-year mark since our Jubilee Prayer Campaign began (Nov. 21-29, 1993). In that prayer campaign, we petitioned the Divine Court to take the Birthright away from Edom and to give it to the Joseph company (overcomers).

Joseph got his coat of many colors (Birthright coat) at the age of 17 (Gen. 37:2). Then came the lengthy detour, where he was sold into Egypt. When Joseph re-emerged and revealed Himself to his brothers and to his father, the family then moved to Egypt. Jacob then told Pharaoh in Gen. 46:9, "The days of my pilgrimage are an hundred and thirty years." So the Birthright was returned to Joseph (by promise) when Jacob was 130 years old.

Jacob then died 17 years later at the age of 147 (Gen. 47:28). This was the point where the Birthright was actually transferred to Joseph (i.e., Ephraim). The Birthright holder always designates his successor ahead of time, but it is not actually transferred until he dies.

So Joseph had two periods of 17 years in regard to the Birthright promise. The first seemed to end in failure and death, but He came back from the dead, as it were, and received the Promise. Then 17 years years later, he came into the actual inheritance. So it is with us. From the time of our first prayer in Nov. 1993, we won our case in the Divine Court, and we are now ready to actually receive it this month.

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