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Bank Holiday? or Planning for a Dinar Revaluation?

Nov 09, 2010


There has been talk recently about a planned "Bank Holiday." One Bank Branch Manager reports that all the top managers of all the banks are taking off from Nov. 8-13 on some kind of emergency "planning" session.

I got an email from my Regional Manager and then one from my Regional VP.   I was told that all Management would be unavailable the entire week 8th-12th. There would be no Upper Management available anywhere in the country. No branch is allowed to call their Regional or VP for anything. If it is an emergency we could text them. I was not given a reason until I did some searching and found an email from another VP and the reason was  “Strategic Planning Session this week “. This has never been done before in our company bringing every single upper management to one location for a week and not allowed to call them.

He does not really know what this is about, but thinks it might confirm a soon-coming bank holiday, which would tie up bank funds for a short time.

I wonder if perhaps they are simply planning on what to do when the new government of Iraq meets this week (Thursday, according to news reports). Why would this be of interest to banks? If the banks are invested in Iraqi dinars, then the revaluation would change the entire financial landscape in America and around the world.

So this special planning session might not be a sinister indicator, but actually quite positive. We will see.

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