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A Brief Explanation of the restored Republic

Nov 18, 2010

I received this explanation by email today. I find it simple and easy to understand . . .

America was founded on biblical principles. Our rights and liberties come from God. Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution to guarantee those rights and to define our government, its limits and its boundaries. The government has grossly exceeded its limits and boundaries.

It is time to restore government to “We the people”. And we are doing just that.

Look at it like a 50 story building, each floor being a state. On each floor are offices (counties) and cubicles (cities). There are desks, chairs and all the tools and supplies necessary for the people that work there to do their job.

This worked very well.

Eventually bankers and lawyers built a building across the street that looks exactly like the constitution building. It has 50 floors, offices and cubicles just like the other, but it's a Corporation calling itself "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" (all capital letters designate a Corporation).  If you notice all government entities are spelled with all capital letters. They are all corporations masquerading as Government.

Some years ago the “USA Corporation” wanted to put the United States military under the command of the UN. Our military leaders objected because the orders would not be coming from constitutionally mandated "proper civilian authority". Realizing their commander-in-chief is not "proper civilian authority", he's not even a citizen (he doesn't have to be, to be president of a Corporation), they approached some men who understand the situation and have a very in-depth understanding of the Constitution, asking them, "if you will reinhabit the old Constitution building, we will back you".

This plan was announced to the public on a radio program January 31, 2010. A lot of very hard work by very dedicated people has brought the plan to fruition.

We have already reinhabited many of the desks, the cubicles, the offices, the floors etc. of the Constitution building. We are not taking over the Corporation building across the street. It has a constitutional lawful right to exist. But, it is broke and broken. It is "mystery Babylon". It is destined to fail.

We have the judicial, the executive, and now, as of Sunday, November 14, 2010 we have a fully seated Congress. We are now a "Republic".

Join us in making America a land of people free to live and have the promises of God fulfilled.

Love, Joy and Peace. 


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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