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Unequal Justice for Big Investment Banks

Oct 05, 2010


This is an article from Newsweek. It shows the division in the financial industry between the Fed and its banking cronies are being exposed. The other faction wields a lot of power, too, and it has the ability to start exposing these things, using the power of the media.

I suggest that this is "Media-Persia" at work. We have long believed that these things would eventually be exposed by the media itself.

Yes, I know, the nation of Media in ancient times has no governmental connection with today's news media, but nonetheless, the similarity of names is prophesying of the situation today. This is what we are seeing now, because Mystery (secret) Babylon cannot survive the light of day. When its hidden machinations are exposed, the empire implodes.

Look up, for your redemption draws nigh.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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