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The Fed's Coming Collapse

Oct 04, 2010

President Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has resigned. Supposedly, it is to run for Chicago mayor. His parting gift from the White House was a dead fish--specifically, a voracious Asian carp.


While most think this is a gag or an inside joke about Chicago itself, Benjamin Fulford says it is actually a death threat. After all it matches Emanuel's reputation as a voracious Chicago politician, whose father was one of the Jewish Irgun terrorists of the 1940's under the command of Menachem Begin.

Fulford, who writes from Japan on intelligence matters, wrote in his Oct. 4 article, "The Federal Reserve Crime syndicate threatens Europe as their empire crumbles,"

The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate has been threatening “terrorist” attacks on Europe in a bid to derail EU/Chinese negotiations. They have also revived their threat to set off a suit-case nuclear bomb in the US. In addition, President Obama, aware he is about to be sacrificed, has been threatening to take his handlers down with him. The widely publicized gift of a dead fish to departing White House Chief of Staff and Senior Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel was a death threat. The Feds for their part are now intensifying their push to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton. The prospect of civil war in the US is growing and global chaos is expected to intensify as the old financial system crumbles while the new one remains blocked.

The Feds have been running the printing presses at hyper-speed and have been forcing countries around the world to devalue their currencies in response. The plan to introduce a gold-backed Amero is now degenerating into a plan to issue an Amero that is only “theoretically” backed by gold because of the outrageous leverage that will be applied to any real gold the Feds have managed to get.

The situation is expected to degenerate over the coming months and a senior Rothschild source is now saying the Federal Reserve Board will not last beyond January 30th of next year (2011).


The news media is reporting this week of a "terror threat" in Europe, which they attribute to al-Quaeda chatter on cell phones. Because our government officials have given themselves the right to lie ("for our own good," they say), one should always question their statements. Their pre-supposed "right to lie" lowers their credibility, as it would for anyone else who claimed that same right.

There has been a long international fight to abolish the Fed's dominance in world finance, according to multiple reports from various sources that I have read over the past few years. I have no way of verifying these reports myself, but I find them consistent with the revelation of the collapse of Mystery Babylon that we have had since October of 2006.

Fulford also reports that President Obama could soon be forced to resign, along with V.P. Biden, in order to allow Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be President. Since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is constitutionally the third in line for the presidency, the only way such a plan would work would be if Biden resigned first, and Obama appointed Hillary as his V.P. to replace him. Only as V.P. could Hillary replace Obama as President in a constitutional manner. If it happened in an unconstitutional manner, too many people would rise up in revolution, and the military would probably back the people.

As with any report, we should always maintain some skepticism and wait for real proof. But I find it helpful to know what is being said, because it makes me more aware of the possibilities. In other words, if predicted events take place, it would be good to say, "Well, he was right after all," than to be forced to shout in the darkness, "What's going on here?"

The Federal Reserve System has dominated world finance for many decades, but it is falling apart by the weight of its own success in imposing debt upon everyone. They have reached the tipping point of success, which brings about revolutions, either peaceably or violently. There are forces that want to retire the Fed peaceably and replace it with an alternate system of man, but there are other forces who prefer to start World War III in order to keep the Fed's owners in power and consolidate their control over the bulk of mankind.

In my view, both sides will win a little. I do not think there will be a classic World War, but that it will be limited largely to the Middle East. It is in the Fed owners' interest to start World War III, but they will fail in the end. The mortgages and national debts that they hold will be cancelled by the Jubilee, and they will be left holding worthless paper that they obtained by fraud in the first place.

The purposes of God are steadily being fulfilled. Though the Stone grinds Babylon slowly, it does so regardless of what the Image does to extract itself. God has raised up opposition to the Babylonian Fed from foreign nations, even as He did in Daniel's day by raising up the Kings of the East. The opposition, of course, has its own agenda and has its own plans to replace the current financial system with another system of man. However, God also has plans, and the pattern is found in Gideon's battle. There were three factions (nations) in Gideon's time, and they all fought among themselves so that Gideon's army of a mere 300 were able to win in the end.

Our Hope is in God, who has a long track record and a perfect winning streak. Have faith in Him--that is, believe that He is able to accomplish His purposes. The only ones who have reason to panic are those who not on the side of the Kingdom of God.

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