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The Birthright is Coming

Oct 31, 2010

Yesterday I had a strong urging to pray that we receive the Birthright and its double portion. We already have it, of course, but so far most of what we have seen is just the promise.

The Father confirmed that He had heard and would act upon it shortly. Then within a few hours we received a double witness through a telephone call.

The Birthright itself is the anointing to do the work that lies ahead. We need to see a greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the glory of God ("manna" in Exodus 16). But also with this is the double portion of the inheritance, which gives us the physical means to do the job without restriction.

Yesterday's confirmation had to do with the number 200, which is the number of insufficiency. When Jesus said to feed the multitude, the disciples said, "200 pennyworth is not sufficient to feed this multitude." So Jesus multiplied the bread, and the disciples fed the multitude.

This is what we are awaiting. It is the multiplication of the bread, the 9th sign of Elisha at the end of 2 Kings 4. This 9th sign is the first sign of the double portion, because the first 8 signs only matched Elijah, while the final 8 was Elisha's double portion.

The 9th sign of Elisha will mark our entry into that double portion, by which we will see tangible evidence that the Birthright has been transferred from Judah back to Joseph, now that Joseph has been found and raised from the dead.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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