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President Obama's Real War

Oct 05, 2010


This is an article written by Texe Marrs, who is a well-known author and expert on the Illuminati and has been reporting on them for many years. His wide knowledge alone means that we ought to take what he says seriously.

He says that President Obama was put into office by Jewish interests, but in recent months he has gotten tired and angry over being treated like their plantation slave. For this reason he has begun to purge his cabinet of Jews and has mounted a full-scale revolt against the very ones who put him into office.

He says that this is the real reason why reports have been released showing that Obama is a Muslim.

Various prophecies have been spoken in the past two years that Obama would repent and turn to Jesus Christ. I have felt that these prophecies are true, but I suspect that the prophets who spoke those words did not understand just how this might work out. Most of them support Zionism, and so they could hardly contemplate a President who might repent by kicking the Jews out of his cabinet and revolting against his Jewish financiers and masters.

If Texe Marrs is right in his analysis, we can expect Christian Zionists to howl loudly, because King Saul has prophesied truthfully, and the prophecy turned out to be different from what they expected.

This, then, could be near the center of the present war between the two big factions: Babylon's Illuminati and the Kings of the East. If true, it could well mean that President Obama is betraying the Babylonians who thought that they owned him as their slave. If true, this could be the biggest story of the century.

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