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Obama gets it right this time

Oct 07, 2010


Congress passed a bill to let the banks do their illegal foreclosures without providing any proof of ownership. They put the bill on the President's desk for his signature.

President Obama is sending the bill back to Congress.

Bank presidents must be fuming. Expect a backlash. They can always instruct their other empoyees in the courts or even the Supreme Court to suddenly get a revelation that perhaps citizens' complaints about obama's missing birth certificate might actually be a valid complaint that is worthy of investigation.

Pray for the president. I always figured that if he ever came under attack or was forced to leave office, it would not be because Obama did something wrong, but because he did something RIGHT which would enrage the Powers-that-think-they-be.

Most politicians have some skeletons in the closet, which the power brokers use to keep them in line. As long as politicians leave the Fed in control and stand aside while the banks consolidate their control over the country, they are not removed from office. But when they oppose these power brokers, the skeletons take on new life and begin to walk out of the closets, seemingly all by themselves. The people, of course, do not understand the real reasons why certain ones are villified in the press. They think that by opposing such politicians, they are "cleaning up the mess" in Washington D.C., when in fact their anger is being used by the power brokers to keep the nation in bondage.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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