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Iraq could form government within days

Oct 09, 2010


News reports indicate that Prime Minister Maliki is close to obtaining enough support to form a new government.

The formation of a government is seen as the crucial (and perhaps final) event before the UN Security Council releases Iraq from Chapter VII financial bankruptcy. That, in turn, appears to be the final obstacle to the revaluation of their currency--which is good news for those who have purchased Iraqi dinars in recent years.

I believe that Maliki (whose name means "King") represents the King of Babylon, and that he will be overthrown shortly after the revaluation takes place. The change in currency valuation, to me, is the diversion of the "Euphrates" that occurs just before the king of Babylon is overthrown (Dan. 5).

I had thought that Maliki would be denied the position of Prime Minister in this new government, and that the revaluation would occur just before this happened. But now it appears that Maliki must be set up as Prime Minister in order to be overthrown later.

So the new scenario appears to be this:

(1) The new government will form, with Maliki becoming PM, the "king" of Babylon.

(2) The revaluation will take place, representing the diversion of the currency (current of the Euphrates, the life blood of Babylon).

(3) Maliki will then be overthrown in some manner, either by his coalition government splintering, or perhaps he might even be assassinated.

Another possibility is that my whole thought process is wrong, and Maliki is not really a type of the king of Babylon. Time will tell, but I thought it would be helpful for you to know my thoughts ahead of time so that you can be watchful.

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