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Helpful comment from a reader

Oct 28, 2010

Hi Stephen,

First of all, thanks so much for writing this series on Romans. I really appreciate the clarity of your writing, and the fact that you delve so deeply into some of the Greek words.

You might want to check out Jonathan Mitchell's translation of Romans 5:12--

12. Because of this (Therefore; That is why), JUST AS through one man (through the act or agency of one man) The Sin (Failure; the miss of the target) entered into the ordered system (the world; the cosmos), and through The Sin (Failure; miss of the target) The Death, and in this way The Death passed through (came through; went throughout) into all mankind (humanity), upon which[situation], all sinned (everyone fails and misses the target).


It seems that he translated eph ho correctly. I believe his translation is now available for purchase as a hard copy, but for a long time only the online version was available.

Also, I'm glad that you pointed out the difference between the two deaths. I didn't realize that Paul is speaking of an individual's personal sin in Rom. 6:23, but that he had already stated in Rom. 5:12 that we sin because we're dead (mortal). That may be a fine distinction, but it's surely an important one. How many truths have been obscured due to faulty translations!

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