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Elliot Spitzer discusses the mortgage fraud

Oct 25, 2010


This is very enlightening, because it shows how the big investment banks like Bank of America are in a really big crisis. Many big names are calling on the government to force BoA to buy back at least $47 billion in bad mortgages that they fraudulently sold to the pension funds and retirement funds and other investors.

Elliot Spitzer, of course, is the former NY Attorney General. In this discussion we hear of the possible consequences of a BoA buy back of those toxic mortgages:

MILLER: If those banks have to buy back that stuff it's a big liability.

RATIGAN: Let's not kid ourselves, it's lights out.

I believe that the so-called "elite" of the world know that we are getting very near to the end of their system. This is why they have been looting America as fast as they can and moving all of their manufacturing operations to other parts of the world. Of course, they are not counting on the coming move of the Holy Spirit which is about to change the course of world history.

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