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Sep 07, 2010

Much has happened in the news during the past week.

Sept. 2: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

The peace talks began with great fanfare on Sept. 2. In my opinion, they are dead on arrival. Neither side wants to be seen as "obstructive" or "uncooperative." Both want to project images of being peaceniks. But both sides have conflicting core interests that cannot be resolved.

This was the problem since an Israeli extremist assassinated Prime Minister Rabin in 1995 after negotiating a viable peace agreement in September 1993. That is sufficient warning to Netanyahu not to make the same mistake. That peace deal was signed, and the Palestinians were supposed to get their own state in 7 years (Sept. 2000).

That never happened, of course. Instead, Ariel Sharon went to the Temple Mount on Sept. 28, 2000 and caused a new explosion in order to have the excuse he needed to scuttle the peace plan.

President Clinton tried to get these talks going as well in July 2000. He wanted some kind of "legacy" before leaving office. The talks went well until he pushed too hard to get them to agree on the status of Jerusalem. That is where the talks broke down, and everyone went home angry, taking Clinton's legacy with them. Now his legacy will forever be tied to Monica Lewinsky, rather than a lasting Middle East Peace.

The Concorde crashed in Paris on the day the peace talks ended July 25, 2000. I heard then, "Peace has been taken from the earth." In discussing it among ourselves, we understood that this would come into reality 414 days later, Sept. 11, 2001. This is the factor of "Cursed Time," explained fully in my book, Secrets of Time (posted online).

The 40th Jubilee of the Church under Pentecost occurred in 1993. 1993 was the appointed time for peace to take place, if it were possible. Rabin tried, much to his credit, but in the end the purposes of God will be fulfilled. It is His purpose to destroy Jerusalem as a vessel that cannot be repaired again (Jer. 19:11). So the countdown began in 1993, and the clock began to speed up on July 25, 2000 and on Sept. 11, 2001.

I do not know how long the process will take. I am surprised it has taken this long, but God knows the step-by-step process toward destruction. I believe He is giving both manifestations of Hagar-Ishmael opportunity to do the work of the New Jerusalem, if such were possible. This cannot be achieved, because of the angel's prophecy of Ishmael before he was born (Gen. 16:12).

Because each peace initiative takes so long to be set up, it would seem that this has to be the last of its kind. I cannot picture this going on for many more years without a solution. There are too many other factors coming to a head, including the situation with Iran.

Many years ago (1981), the revelation came on September 2, "Today America begins to die." This revelation was tied to events in the Net of Prayer in those days, when the intercessory ministry was forced to step aside and disband. We have watched this date over the years and have seen various indications but no actual fulfillment. Last year Guy Babylon died on this date. We saw this as a type of the death of the Babylonian system that rules America and most of the world.

I have no doubt that the above Word speaks of the Babylonian government in America beginning to die, rather than the real government, which is the people themselves.

Christchurch Earthquake in New Zealand: Sept. 4

On Sept. 4 a massive earthquake struck just 19 miles west of Christchurch on the southern island of New Zealand, causing widespread damage to the infrastructure of the city. Remarkably, no lives were lost, though the quake registered between 7.0 and 7.4 on the Richter scale (depending on which source you look at).

As a spiritual sign, Christchurch represents the Church in some way. The earth was groaning in travail under it, I was told by a friend who lives there. The earth desires the manifestation of the sons of God (Rom. 8:20-22).

The Church has many denominations, but I believe it is the Roman Church to watch in this regard. I believe we will soon see some major shaking in the Vatican.

Joe Bendana was murdered in his New Jersey home on Sept. 4 as well. He is the man who had been assisting in the investigation of Daniele Dal Bosco, who seems to have absconded with $1 Trillion worth of bonds that he was holding in trust. He tried to cash them with the help of Giancarlo Bruno of the World Economic Forum in the UN.

Anyway, while Dal Bosco was under surveillance his threats and murder contracts were recorded, and four days later, Joe Bendana was murdered.

Dal Bosco is a member of the P2 Lodge in Italy, which was exposed to notoriety back in the late 1970's for having infiltrated the Vatican and taken over the Vatican Bank. It is a long and sordid story of high finance, murder, and intrigue, which may be exposed eventually by the general media, due to this latest murder.

The entire story actually began in June 2009 when two Japanese men with diplomatic passports were detained by police in Italy for trying to bring $134.5 billion worth of bonds to Switzerland. Investigators began to uncover a much bigger plot as they followed the money trail. It seems that a lot of politicians from various countries want to get their hands on that money.

The point is that Joe Bendana was murdered on September 4, same day as the Christchurch earthquake. I see a possible connection.

September 9 Coming Soon

"July is like September." Recall that on July 9 a group of us made a trip to the headwaters of the Mississippi River to pray/decree the end of the 8th sign of Elisha. According to the pattern found in 2 Kings 4:38-41, we threw some barley meal into the river, which would empty into the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf Basin had "death in the cauldron" (vs. 40) that needed barley meal to give life to it.

144 hours later, on July 15, BP finally succeeded in capping the oil gusher in the Gulf.

Anyway, we recognized back in July that we would have to watch Sept. 9-15 also to see the next stage of development. It looks like they may seal that well permanently shortly. They have now removed the damaged blowout preventer (BOP) and will be better able to investigate what went wrong.

There were some reporting that North Korea had blown up the well with a missile from a submarine. If that had actually happened, the BOP would have been totally demolished. So an inspection of this equipment will prove that to be just another conspiracy theory that didn't work.

I have learned that not every conspiracy theory is true.

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