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Formation of a New Government Granted (Iraq)

Sep 16, 2010


Everyone knows that there has already been an Iraqi government in place. Last March was the country's second election. The key here is that the other governments in the region have approved something new.

Without saying it outright, they probably mean that Kuwait is now approving the government, paving the way for the revaluation of their currency (dinar). Kuwait has been the main holdout since the beginning, because of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait back in 1990, which brought about this problem in the first place.

Iraq has been in financial bankruptcy (by UN sanctions) since then and is just now coming out of that condition. Perhaps this article is hinting that the UN Security Council has finally approved bringing Iraq out of bankruptcy and making the country a fully sovereign nation once again.

This occurred yesterday, Sept. 15, which is one of our major "Watch Dates," because it runs parallel to the capping of the BP oil spill on July 15. "July is like September."

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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