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A Variety of Prophetic Things

Sep 14, 2010

When Jacob-Israel blessed his sons in Genesis 48 and 49, he split the Birthright into various parts and divided it up among his sons.

To the sons of Joseph he gave the main portion of the Birthright, including the name Israel and the multiplication of descendants (Gen. 48:16).

To Judah he gave the Scepter (Gen. 49:10).

Levi, along with Simeon, was to be "scattered in Israel" (Gen. 49:7). Simeon was located south of Judah and was eventually absorbed into Judah. Levi was later given the priesthood and had no land inheritance, being scattered throughout the tribes in priestly cities. Yet Levi's portion was not clarified until the time of Moses, when the priesthood was established and given to Aaron, the Levite.

The rest of the sons were blessed in more "minor" ways, each having a small piece of the Birthright.

The point is that Jacob's blessing was the beginning of the "breach" in the Birthright. We usually focus upon the main "breach" between the Scepter and the Birthright (Judah and Joseph), but the Priesthood of Levi was also split from the Birthright.

So to get a more complete picture of the "repair of the breach," we should not forget the Priesthood.

When Jesus came the first time, He was born in the tribe of Judah and the House of David in order to receive the Scepter. But He was also the high priest after the Order of Melchizedek (Heb. 7:17). In other words, His first coming repaired the breach between the Scepter and the Priesthood.

Melchizedek is a compound Hebrew word. Melchi = King. Zedek = Righteousness. But Zadok was also the priest who took over from Abiathar in the early days of Solomon's reign (1 Kings 2:35). Abiathar was the last of the line of Phinehas (Num. 25:11-13), who had been given the priesthood after Aaron died. So the "Zadok" in Melchizedek is the priestly calling, united with the Melchi, "King."

The original Melchizedek in Genesis 14:18 was Shem, who had received the Birthright from his father, Noah. He built Jerusalem and became its Priest-King. And since he outlived Abraham (according to the genealogy), Abraham himself never received the Birthright, but it was given to his son Isaac when Shem died. Isaac gave it to Jacob, who was given the name Israel, and Jacob-Israel split it up among his sons.

Many years later we find God calling David a priest after the Order of Melchizedek (Ps. 110:4). As a priest, he constructed the Tabernacle of David and was able to approach God and the Ark of the Covenant even as Moses had done before him. Both Moses and David were priests of the Melchizedek Order, showing the continuing existence of this priesthood even while the Levitical priests ministered at Shiloh and Jerusalem. They were parallel priesthoods.

Jesus then was born of Judah, not qualifying as a Levitical priest, but He too was called as High Priest of the Melchizedek Order. In His coming, He re-united the Scepter with the Priesthood, even as David had done earlier. But this time the unification coincided with the end of Levi's calling and his expulsion from the priesthood. Melchizedek did indeed replace Levi.

This is what began to repair the breach in the Birthright. It was the reunification of the Scepter and the Priesthood. It would be another 2000 years before the actual Birthright (Sonship) of Joseph would be reunited with the other parts, for it would take a second coming of Christ to facilitate this full repair of the breach.

For this reason, He comes the second time as "Joseph," with his robe dipped in blood (Rev. 19:13). He comes as Joshua (Yeshua) the Ephraimite to lead us into the Kingdom. At that point, all three main parts of the breached Birthright will be fully united under One Head, Jesus Christ. And with this will come also the smaller bits and pieces that were given to each of the tribes of Israel.

Meanwhile, however, in the last 160 years we have seen the rise of a new theology called Dispensationalism, which is attempting to retain the breaches and divisions in opposition to the Divine Plan. Those who are of this persuasion actively finance and pray to establish the Levitical priesthood once again with all of its trappings. Christians have financed the materials for a physical temple in Jerusalem to accommodate Levi. They teach that Jesus Christ will soon return as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, instead of as Joseph. They are content to let Joseph remain forever "lost," so that the Jews can inherit all things with Hagar-Jerusalem.

This teaching is the last-ditch attempt to set up a Jewish-Ishmaelite kingdom in Jerusalem in opposition to the true Kingdom of Christ. The advocates of this counterfeit kingdom find it necessary to try to prevent the repair of the breach. Once the breach is repaired, the true Kingdom of Christ will win, and the other will be cast out.

Benjamin Fulford's latest writing (Sept. 13) says that the world rulers are divided in their opinion. Some believe (from their interpretation of Scripture) that they must work to cause a large-scale war that would reduce the world's population greatly. That faction wants to "fulfill prophecy" as they see it. The other faction is more secular and wants to prevent that mass destruction from happening.

Fulford says that the secular faction seems to have won the dispute, and that they are planning to set up Jerusalem as an international city for all faiths--i.e., for Judaism, Islam, and Churchianity. He says the plan is to build a Jewish temple next to the mosque on the old temple site in 2012. As you probably are aware, the mosque is not situated on the site of Solomon's Temple, but is nearby on the same mount.

It will be interesting to see how far God allows these world rulers to proceed with their plans before they all fail. Their plan is to give Jerusalem to all of the disputing parties, whereas Isaiah 29:7 and 8 says that in the end no one will get it. In Isaiah 29:1-6 tells us that God will lay siege to Jerusalem ("Ariel") and will bring the city down to the ground. The description sounds much like a nuclear explosion.

Then in verses 7 and 8, God speaks of the armies He is using to lay siege to the city. God works through people, and God makes it clear in verses 1-3 that He is on the side of those laying siege to the city. Yet in the end, it will be like a bad dream, where a hungry man is eating, but when he wakes up, he is still hungry; or when a thirsty man drinks, but when he waked up, he is still thirsty.

The point is that those who lay siege to the city will not inherit it either. No one will get it. They may all have a dream in which they believe they will inherit it, but God says He will cast out the bondwoman and her son.

The bondwoman is Jerusalem, and her "son" is Ishmael on many levels. Galatians 4 makes it clear that those who follow Judaism are Ishmaelites, because they consider old Jerusalem to be their "mother." But the book of Galatians reveals also the problem of Ishmael in the Church. That occurs when the Judaizers succeed in re-establishing Hagar-Jerusalem as our "mother."

The first inheritors of Ishmael, however, are the Arab people, for they are the first-born of Ishmael and the oldest "son" of Hagar. Judaism and Judaized Christianity seek to enthrone Ishmael as the inheritor of the promise, not understanding that all they have done in the end is to empower the Arabs.

And then they wonder why Islam is spreading around the world, and why Europe and Britain are becoming more and more Islamic. Now it is moving to take over America. This trend will continue as long as Christians continue to give their Birthright to Ishmael. They think they are giving it to the Jewish Ishmaelism, but in fact they are empowering the oldest son of Ishmael, the Arabs.

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