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Urgent Prayer Alert

Aug 14, 2010

Last evening we found ourselves in spiritual warfare against the spirit of Santeria. This is an old religion from Africa that centered in Cuba and is similar to Voodoo. It is now obvious that I was sent to confront it on location, not in Cuba but in a major Santeria center here in America. I discerned early this week that if we were to engage in any kind of spiritual warfare while on my trip, it would probably emerge on the final week end (that is, now). This has proven to be correct as of yesterday.

I ask that you take a few moments to pray to be in unity with me during this warfare. When you stand with me, whatever I am led to do is also you doing it, for we then have one voice as one body.

Thank-you very much. I hope to give a good report later when this is concluded.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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