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The Glenn Beck Rally Crowns Jesus King

Aug 29, 2010

Yesterday, August 28, 2010, was truly historic. Glenn Beck's 500,000 man rally at the Lincoln Memorial was the double witness to the Promise Keeper rally in 1997 to declare Jesus King.

This rally was held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech and at the same location, but with twice the number of people in attendance,

As you know, if you have followed my weblogs for any length of time, this year is 390 years from the time the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. They too had a dream. It was to get away from earthly kings who would prevent them from proclaiming Jesus alone as their King.

That was the year 1620. It had been 6 x 390 years from the death of Israel's last king, who died in 721 B.C. when the Assyrians conquered their capital, Samaria.

The number 390 is the number of years from Israel's first Judge (Othniel) to the laying of the foundation for Solomon's Temple. That Foundation represented Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 3:11). This time frame is presented in the Book of Judges under the theme, "In those days there was no king in Israel" (Judges 18:1; 19:1).

In Judges 21:25 we are told the downside of this: "every man did what was right in his own eyes." This too has characterized America. The Pilgrims and later in the America Revolution, the preachers insisted that only Jesus Christ should be their King. When they established government, it was on the model of the biblical judges, rather than upon the kings. The judges were largely military commanders in ancient Israel who were called in time of war and deliverance.

Virtually all of the major events in American history have been linked to the House of Israel by biblical time cycles. Most of these have been the terminal points for divine judgment against the House of Israel. But this 390-year cycle has more to do with the question of WHO is the highest authority that the nation recognizes? Is it Jesus Christ or some other man (or men)?

The Declaration of Independence declared that "we have been endowed BY OUR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights." The Supreme Court in the 1880's interpreted this to mean that all rights come from God alone. Government grants only privileges, which it can bestow or remove at will. But our government is responsible to uphold and defend all the rights that God has given us.

When Jesus Christ was overthrown a century ago, our American Republic was replaced by a Secular Democracy, wherein man was the highest authority in the land. Governments usurped the power to create and bestow rights according to its own secular values.

But August 28, 2010 marks the day when, as Glen Beck told the people,

"America today begins to turn back to God. For too long, this country has wandered in darkness."

The fact that this rally was associated with Dr. Martin Luther King is also prophetic. It is "KING DAY." The counter-rally, led by Congressman Al Sharpton and a few hundred "Union members," was such a joke than no reporter seemed to think it necessary to tell us how many attended it. The contrast would have been more comedy than reporters are allowed to display.

Reverend Sharpton's rally was held in a Church with available seating for the ghosts of the past. Though the setting was religious, it was mainly attended by Union members, clearly a secular entity with secular interests. One wonders which rally MLK would have attended. No doubt he would have been invited to speak at both rallies. (Personally, I think he would have agreed with his niece, Dr. Alveda King, who gave honor to Jesus Christ at the Glenn Beck rally. Her interviews were awesome.)

Back in 1997 we had a preview of 2010 when the Promise Keepers descended on Washington D.C. to crown Jesus King at that time. They were probably unaware that 1997 was 390 years after the Jamestown colony was established in 1607.

Ron had received the insight in December 1996, based on my book, Secrets of Time, where I discussed the 390-year cycles, that the year 1997 would have to mark the end of "No King in Israel." He figured we would see an event either in May or in early October. The Promise Keepers came in early October, as Ron and I watched the event unfold on television from Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.

Pisgah means "the gap," and we were standing in the gap, having been invited to a conference at that location.

So when the Promise Keepers declared Jesus Christ to be King in 1997, we knew then that the greater event would occur 390 years after the Plymouth colony had been established in 1620. We knew to watch 2010 for a second event. This was the Glenn Beck rally that we witnessed yesterday.

But Glenn Beck is a Mormon, some say.

Well, when God raised up King Cyrus to overthrow Babylon and to rebuild Jerusalem, did God make a mistake because Cyrus was not even a believer? No, the prophecy is in Isaiah 45, the great chapter showing the sovereignty of God. We learn from this that God has the power to use any and all people, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Glenn Beck gave honor to Jesus Christ. He was willing to proclaim Him to be the King in America. When Jesus Christ is King, the people will then begin to learn of His ways and will begin to know Him in a better way. The people at the rally were probably mostly Christian Zionists in one form or another. I think, now that Jesus has been reinstated as King by the people themselves, He will do things that will shatter the idols of the heart in America. When these idols fall, many Christians who voted for Jesus will be devastated for a while, because they will not understand.

It is our job to help them understand. I think that one of the most devastating things Christ will do is to cast out the bondwoman, Hagar-Jerusalem. This is one of their biggest idols of the heart. It will be our job, not to say, "I told you so," but to teach them the Scriptures, showing them how this was all prophesied long ago.

Albert Pike's letter from the 1800's proposed three world wars in order to destroy Islam, Judaism, and Christianity and replace them with Luciferianism. To accomplish this goal, Pike proposed to his Masonic masters that they first devastate Christianity in Europe with the first two world wars and then establish a Jewish state in Palestine that would be the cause of the third.

How could the plan work, though, unless all three religions claimed Hagar-Jerusalem as their mother? So Christian Zionism was established to set up the Church for a great disappointment when Jerusalem was destroyed. It would appear that prophecy had failed. Pike thought that Luciferianism would fill the spiritual vacuum.

He will be proved wrong. God is using him only to overthrow the heart idols of the Church. The Church will then see the Truth, and the Truth will make them free. There will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in that day, which will overthrow Luciferianism, which is the religion of the Masonic Order (as an organization, though not necessarily of individual members).

Two weeks ago the Breach of the Tabernacle of David was repaired, as I wrote in my reports. The breach was created in 1948 when the Church gave the Birthright (and the name Israel) to the non-Christians of the Jewish state. On August 14, 2010 we took back that Birthright on behalf of the Tabernacle of David.

In my view, crowning Jesus King on Aug. 28 was the next logical step in the historic progression of the Kingdom of God. Being doubly witnessed, it is now legally established in the courts of heaven.

We have waited long for this day.

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