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More on Government Private Companies

Aug 23, 2010

From a reader . . .

What most people in this country today think of as a branch/department/agency of legitimate, duly constituted “government” (federal, state and/or local) is in fact nothing more than a collection of affiliated corporation entities (using official office designations as corporate names….Legalese – words of Art).  The simplest and most compelling evidence of proof of this fact is the Federal Employer’s Identification Number assigned (by the I.R.S.) to each corporate entity (whether “for profit” or “not for profit” in character).  These FEINs can be obtained through public disclosure request (F.O.I.A.).  For example; the FEIN for the Social Security Administration is 521666008, the FEIN for the Federal Department of Justice is 530197022, for the F.B.I.: 526040366, for the I.R.S.: 526037440, for the Arizona State Bar: 866000294, for the Legislative Assembly of Oregon: 930569651, etc., etc. You can search on the Internet too at www.einfinder.com .

Sovereign LAWFUL governments (and their respective departments) do not report/pay “taxes” to any other (corporation) entity !!!!


“County Of Hamilton is a private company categorized under County Government-Courts and located in Cincinnati, OH. “ 

Hmmm… so let me get this straight. They are listed as a Private Company. They have a FEIN / Taxpayer ID number: www.einfinder.com/results.asp?form=1

Listed as 31-6000063.  This / These are FACTS. Whether folks want to believe or not. I never understood someone who never lets FACTS get in the way of their incorrect beliefs. 

This is just one example….using “County of Hamilton”. 

You can find out the following are PRIVATE COMPANIES too: 

Government of the United States 
U.S. Department of the Army 
U.S. Department of the Navy 

The more important question is who OWNS these Companies?????  Not to mention they are not listed with the Secretary of State to conduct business in the State…... 

Also you cannot find Legitimate Incorporation Papers for these entities (From Secretary of State or State Archivist). Plus they are not on the LAND so you will never find a Legal Description including survey information for where they conduct Business (They are in OZ, Dorothy). See second attachment blow off letter. Last attachment shows description of something that is on the land. 

Something is Rotten in Denmark / This Nation. 

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