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Is the War against Iran Postponed for a year?

Aug 20, 2010

The latest report says that America seems to have convinced the Israelis that Iran is at least one year away from having the ability to produce weapons-grade uranium.

Hence, the hastily-scheduled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority set for September 2, and also diplomatic talks with Iran for the next 12 months.

This may prove to be a simple ploy to cause Iran to relax its guard. Or it may mean that things really are postponed for another year.

The article says that the Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran uses plutonium, rather than uranium. It seems to imply that plutonium is not a problem, especially since the fuel, once used, must be returned to Russia, and the whole plant will be under the tight scrutiny of the IAEA anyway.

If that is the case, then what was the big deal about the Bushehr reactor in the first place? Why was there all this talk about bombing it? The news reports have been telling us for years that the Bushehr nuclear power plant was the problem. That appears to have been all propaganda, using it as an excuse for war against Iran.

Now they have suddenly changed their story, telling us that the real problem is the OTHER facilities that are not monitored by the UN agency. Besides this, they seem totally unconcerned that the fuel rods scheduled to be loaded into the Bushehr plan on Sept. 16 are not even a factor here. From this news account, not only is the Bushehr plant irrelevant, but conversely, even if it WERE important, they would be willing to bomb it next year after the fuel rods have been installed.

Would that not spread PLUTONIUM contamination world-wide next year just as easily as if they bombed it the end of this September? Something is fishy here.

They ought to get their story straight. I, for one, believe that all those government officials have now been caught in a lie.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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