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Tim Turner, Interim President of Republic United States

Jul 26, 2010


The Restore America Plan reached new heights last week by electing and installing a new Federal Goverment of the Republic United States.

Recall that last March they had called grand juries in each of the 50 individual states and had established state governments. They found that this was insufficient, since the military is under federal control, and so the military leaders backing the restoration of the original Republic needed the RAP to install a federal government that they could lawfully back. What they are still lacking is a knowledge of biblical law that would show them how to abolish prisons altogether and to set up true justice for all.

Interim president is Tim Turner.

I find this entire movement to be of interest, because it is happing in 2010. This is one of the most important years in prophetic history, as I have discussed in past weblogs. There are quite a few links and videos dealing with this latest RAP development, but the link above seems to have the most detailed information.

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