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Three Streams of Prophecy Linked

Jul 03, 2010

There are three streams of prophecy being fulfilled in modern Zionism today. Here is a summary of this history. The Israeli state is fulfilling the prophecies of the evil figs of Judah, Edom, and the Togarmah-Ahskenaz alliance. All three are Zionistic though for different reasons.

1. The Evil Figs of Judah

Jeremiah 24 defines these as the ones who refuse to submit to the divine judgment for their sin. They disagree with God and work to throw off the yoke, rather than to submit to it. They believe either that God was wrong, or that it was not God at all who pronounced this judgment. Their conclusion is that God wants them to be free, regardless of their sin, and that it is their religious duty to resist the nations that God placed over them--Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.

This judgment can take two forms: the yoke of wood or the yoke of iron. God imposed both upon Israel throughout biblical history. Under the wooden yoke, they would remain in their land under the authority of foreign nations. Under the iron yoke, they would be deported off the land.

In Jeremiah's day, the people refused to submit to Nebuchadnezzar, whom God calls "My servant" (Jer. 27:6), so God imposed the iron yoke upon them for 70 years. Then under Medo-Persia God reduced it to a wooden yoke, allowing them to return to the land. But six centuries later, because they again refused to submit to Roman domination, God imposed the iron yoke upon them once again, and they were dispersed among nations, no longer having a nation of their own.

From the perspective of the evil figs, Zionism is the desire to overthrow the judgment of God without fulfilling the terms necessary to end the yoke of captivity (Lev. 26:40-42). To end it, they must recognize their "hostility" toward Yahweh-Yeshua. They have not done so to this day.

Jesus cursed the fig tree for not bearing fruit to God (Matt. 21:19), saying it would never bear fruit. Later, He qualified this by saying that it would come to life and bear more LEAVES (Matt. 24:32), but fig leaves were the original problem. God does not intend to eat fig leaves. So Jesus prophesied that the unfruitful fig-tree nation of Judah would come to life at the end of the age, but that it would not bear fruit that would identify it as the Kingdom of God.

The Israeli state is the fulfillment of this prophecy.

2. Esau-Edom

Esau believed that he was robbed of his rightful inheritance. Hence, the desire of his descendants was to take the land back from Jacob, along with the Birthright. Because Jacob did indeed obtain the promise through deception, Esau had lawful cause against Jacob in the divine court. So Isaac prophesied to him that he would indeed throw off the yoke of Jacob and receive the "dominion" (Gen. 27:40).

The Edomite descendants of Esau were later conquered and absorbed into Jewry in 126 B.C. Josephus says that "they were hereafter no other than Jews." The Jewish Encyclopedia says, "They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation," and again, "From this time the Idumeans [Greek form of Edom] ceased to be a separate people." Again, it tells us, "Edom is in modern Jewry."

If the Edomites had been converted to God, they would have ceased to be Edomites and could have avoided the judgments imposed upon them by divine decree. But they were merely converted to the religion of the evil figs. In fact, their rebellious character ultimately found common cause with the evil figs of Judah. The history of the Jewish Revolt shows how the Idumean troops were among the most rabid, zealous defenders of Jerusalem.

When the Romans imposed the iron yoke upon them, they were scattered among many nations and became known in later years as Sephardic Jews. They represented the coalition between Edom and the evil figs of Judah.

The establishment of the Israeli state in 1948 was the point where Esau-Edom received the dominion from Jacob. When Britain lowered its flag (called "Union Jack"), the Zionist Edomites received the dominion over the old land. Jack is short for Jacob, so Britain was representing Jacob in this transfer of dominion. The new nation then took for itself the name Israel, which is the birthright name given to the sons of Joseph in Gen. 48:16.

3. The Togarmah-Ashkenaz Alliance

Ezekiel 38 and 39 speaks of an invasion of "the mountains of Israel" by some of the descendants of Japheth. Prominent among these invaders is "the House of Togarmah of the north quarters" (Ez. 38:6). Their motive is to rob and plunder, or, as the KJV says in verse 12, "to take a spoil and to take a prey."

They are said to descend upon "the land of unwalled villages," which condition existed in Palestine in the early 1900's. Further, the people are described as being "at rest, that dwell safely all of them, dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates."

The people of Togarmah are identified by King Joseph of the Khazars in a letter written over a thousand years ago, now in the Spanish museum. The Khazars had accepted Judaism some centuries earlier, and Joseph ruled over a Jewish Kingdom. Joseph said that he and his people were descended from Khazar, the seventh son of Togarmah. This branch of world Jewry has become the most populous, comprising perhaps 90% of world Jewry. It is known as the Ashkenazim.

Their conversion to Judaism, laying hold of the Old Covenant, meant that they united themselves with the coalition of evil figs of Judah and Edomites.

Thus, the prophecies of Ezekiel in regard to Togarmah and his uncles, would be fulfilled within Jewry at some point. They wanted to occupy the old land as well, but Ezekiel says that they would come to steal the land from the previous occupants of Palestine.

From a prophetic perspective, then, the Israeli state was established by these three streams of people, all under the banner of Zionism. Not all Jews are Zionists, of course, but all Jews, by religious definition, are connected to one or more of these three streams of prophecy.

A Summary of the Summary

1. The Israeli state is an evil fig tree that abounds in fig leaves but will never bear the fruit that God has required from the beginning. The only way for a Jew to bear fruit acceptable to God is for him to be grafted into the fig tree that is alive unto God, having Jesus as its "root."

2. God allowed the Israeli state to be established because of Isaac's promise to Esau. They could not be established as Judah, because Judah came under the laws of tribulation, which forbids them to return until they repent of their hostility to Jesus Christ.

3. The Togarmah-Ashkenaz branch of world Jewry has conquered the land of unwalled villages. In recent years they have built the greatest wall since the Great Wall of China. Palestine, then, is no longer the land of unwalled villages and can no longer fulfill Ezekiel's prophecy. This wall proves that the invasion has already taken place.

4. A fourth stream may also be added to the above, because Paul identifies Jerusalem as Hagar and the adherents of Judaism as Ishmaelites (Gal. 4:22-31). Ishmael will be cast out (Gal. 4:30). Jerusalem will be destroyed permanently (Jer. 19:11). Togarmah-Ashkenaz will be destroyed (Ez. 39:4). Edom will be destroyed (Obadiah 9). The evil figs of Judah will be brought back to the old land for judgment for refusing to have Jesus Christ reign over them (Luke 19:14, 27).

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