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Jul 08, 2010

After having eye surgery yesterday, I slept much of the day and had a good night's sleep as well. Today my eye feels near normal, and later this morning I will be going to the doctor for inspection and evaluation.

It seems strange to get up in the morning and be able to see perfectly without putting on glasses. I have not done that since grade school back in the Dark Ages.

Some friends will be coming to town this afternoon to go with us to the headwaters of the Mississippi. So it is unlikely that I will spend much time at the office today.

Also, in times like this, the emails hardly slow down, making it impossible to answer them all. I do read more than I answer, but in the end I am simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails. I don't want to stop answering emails, as some have done, nor do I want to discourage you from writing. Just keep in mind that if you do not receive a response, it does not mean that I am ignoring you.

If I were to answer all emails, I would never have time to write books and articles or to research. I am always in the middle of reading about three books at a time, which I can do when I have short moments of extra time. But when I write my own books, I need larger blocks of time in order to keep the flow going. Even then I am usually interrupted by telephone calls.

I'm not complaining, of course, because telephone calls are important as well. It's just that I have to try to balance my time so that I am able to continue to do what I am called to do (i.e. writing and teaching).

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