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Reports from others re barley

Jul 19, 2010

In regard to our work of casting barley into the headwaters on July 9, reports have been coming in from others involved from afar.

California Bob 2 reports that on the evening of July 8th, he spent hours pouring "barley" (i.e., the Word) into a young man who had been part of the church that he left in 1986. He writes,

"I understood he was the place of the headwaters and that as I shared with him the truths of the barley field, I was putting the barley in the Mississippi River, river of the Holy Spirit that was going to make its way and cleanse the death pot foundation of 1986."

Some months ago he had been led to eat barley for 30 days, understanding that "we are what we eat."

A similar revelation came from Tim, who was led to put barley meal into the Rio Grande not far from Las Cruces, NM. He writes,

"On July 9th I headed out to the Rio Grande and was hoping to get there by noon. But as usual with me, I was off schedule and got there late. I would be safe to say between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. mountain time, which is close to your time noted in the weblog I read today. I need to start wearing my watch more.

"With my heart in prayer, I cast the Barley Meal in the Rio Grande, and then it dawned on me that we are the "Barley," and prayerfully knelt down and dipped my hands into the water as before.

"I noticed a sign on the way to Las Cruces, which stated about the road construction/improvement going on, "This project funded by" (small print) "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (big print). A thought came to mind that we will recover from the problems we are going through as a country, as many of our Father's children reinvest our prayers and hope for this country and the world in proclaiming it God's Kingdom.

"The Spiritual Act vs. men's act.

So it is apparent now that it was important for Fran to walk across the headwaters of the Mississippi during our visit there. It connected the barley meal to the barley company, showing that the meal itself was only symbolic of the Body of Christ, whose Head is the One that fulfilled the original barley wave-sheaf offering at His resurrection of the dead.

We also have a friend living in southeast Minnesota who was taken to the Mayo Clinic on July 9, where he literally died twice. Both times he was revived, and he is planning to visit us this coming Sunday. This illustrates once again the principle of death and resurrection and the fact that the barley meal was to overcome "death in the pot."

Finally, I heard back from Ken who is from Kansas. He will be heading to the Gulf itself shortly, and will then be flying to St. Kitts, an Island in the Caribbean to pray-decree and cast some barley into the Gulf from there. That is an ongoing story for later.

For many years I did this type of ministry work in private, not wanting to attract attention. I knew that most Christians knew little or nothing about such things and would not understand. My reports were also kept as private as possible, circulating only among a few.

But eventually, I knew it was time to begin writing of these things more openly. It is good to learn the Scriptures, but at some point one has to begin to implement what one has learned. It is one thing to read about the biblical prophets burying their underwear at the Euphrates, or doing other rather crazy stuff; it is quite another thing for us to be led in a similar manner. This brings the story of the Bible right down to our own door steps, where we begin to walk in the shoes of those in the Bible who were led by the Spirit.

Few people understand the "obedience value" of doing something that they would not normally do, or something that they think is a bit crazy in the natural. Such craziness, of course, is of no value at all without first hearing God's voice. But when hearing is followed up by obedience, it is an exercise of FAITH, which can move mountains.

I am glad to have met many over the years who "hear" and have been led by the Spirit in their own way, according to their own callings. But more than that, I am happy to observe how many others have learned by watching the example of others. This sort of thing cannot really be taught effectively in books. The best teacher is experience, and for this reason I have shared my own experiences with you. The risk has been well worth it.

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