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Inspired Numbers

Jul 20, 2010

There are people today who do all they can to promote the Hebrew of the Old Testament and trash the Greek language of the New Testament. Their thinking is that only Hebrew is the "inspired language," and that somehow God would never speak inspirationally in any other language.

A study of gematria completely disproves such a teaching, for we find that it works as easily and naturally in both languages. In fact, it also works in English, as some have proven over the years. The main problem with English is that we do not use our letters as numbers. We use Arabic numerals, which the Arabs learned from the Hindus of India. So when figuring gematria with the English language, we must resort to a modern invention, saying, A = 1; B = 2, C = 3, etc.

Even so, it does work, showing that God has His fingerprints on English as well as Greek and Hebrew.

The gematria for LORD JESUS CHRIST in Hebrew is 37 + 397 + 358 = 792.

The gematria for LORD JESUS CHRIST in Greek is 800 + 888 + 1480 = 3168.

The relationship between these two numbers (792 and 3168) is foundational to the creation of the earth itself. The mean diameter of the earth is 7920 miles (792 x 10). If you were to put the earth into a tight-fitting box, the perimeter of the box (square) would be 31680 miles.

So the earth's diameter expresses its Creator in Hebrew terms, but the perimeter is expressed in Greek. Seen this way, it is hard to miss the signature of the Creator upon His handiwork.

In other words, the Word of God, as expressed in the Hebrew and Greek names and titles, "Lord Jesus Christ," is the foundation stone of the earth itself in the day that it was created.

Our measurement in feet, yards, and miles is built upon creation itself as expressed by gematria. The metric system, developed by secularists in France during the French Revolution, is not as scientific as they proclaimed it to be. The metric system may be more convenient because it is based on multiples of tens, but in the end, it will not stand the test of time and eternity, because it was developed specifically to dethrone God as the Creator of the universe.

The Temple of Solomon

In 2 Chronicles 3:3 we are told that the Temple (Holy Place and Most Holy Place) was measured according to the original cubit. The KJV reads, "the length by cubits after the first measure was threescore (60) cubits, and the breadth twenty (20) cubits."

The original cubit was 19.8 inches in length. It was a handbreadth shorter than the "sacred cubit" which is used to build the Temple in Ezekiel (43:13).

Solomon's Temple was 60 x 20 cubits. The perimeter of the Temple was 120 + 40 cubits, or a total of 160 cubits. Since each cubit is 19.8 inches, we can easily multiply it out.

160 x 19.8 = 3168 inches

3168 is the Lord Jesus Christ in Greek and is the same as the perimeter of the box with the earth inside. And, by the way, our English "inch" is built into the gematria of Scripture. While the perimeter of the earth is expressed as 3168 x 10 MILES, the perimeter of Solomon's Temple is expressed as 3168 INCHES. As you can see, both inches and miles are divine measurements of creation, which drive the secularists crazy.

The word picture presented to us in all of this is that the Lord Jesus Christ encompasses the entire earth, even as He encompassed Solomon's Temple. Both are a manifestation of Christ. The Temple was a house of prayer for all people; even so, the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Cities of Refuge

God set aside six cities of refuge in ancient Israel. If a man accidentally killed someone, he was to go live in the city of refuge that pertained to his home town. Numbers 35:5 says that the city of refuge was to be given 2,000 cubits of land in all directions as its boundaries. In other words, the perimeter of the city was a square 4,000 cubits on each side. The total perimeter was 16,000 cubits.

Once again, each cubit is 19.8 inches. If you multiply it out, 16,000 x 19.8 = 316800.

There's that 3168 again. The Lord Jesus Christ is our City of Refuge. He is Love. Love is expressed by the number 16. Love is the divine motive behind the City of Refuge.

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