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DC Earthquake Today

Jul 16, 2010


I wrote about the 2001 connection to events going on in 2010 and how the oil well in the Gulf was capped on July 15, which (in 2001) was the end of the warfare done that year.

Well, here is another interesting sign.

In the quotation I included in my earlier blog on the 144 hours, I showed how July 16, 2001 was the date of the installation of the archangels over the continents. We knew, of course, that this was for a future time when the world would come under the dominion of the Christ, the Overcomers, and the Kingdom of God. And yet we also knew that July 16 would prove to be significant in years to come, perhaps multiple times over the years.

So in 2010 we are seeing an earthquake in D.C., which suggests the shaking of the heavens and the earth being felt in Washington. Overlaying this with the revelation of July 16, 2010, it seems to indicate shaking the kingdoms of this world in order to establish the Kingdom in its place.

This 3.6 Richter quake was a new record for D.C., the old being 2.6 Richter set back in 1990. So while it may seem like a small quake to a veteran Californian, it was a big deal to the people of D.C.

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