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A False Flag Operation in the Persian Gulf?

Jul 28, 2010

Now that naval vessels are positioned off the coast of Iran, I have been watching for a pretext of war. Historically, the pretext comes by a false flag naval incident. This was the pretext for war going back as far as the Spanish American War in the late 1890's. What happens is that we sink one of our own ships and then blame the "enemy." The American people believe their own government reports and are incensed enough to demand that we go to war.

The rest is history, but the real causes of war are not seen until after it is too late.

Today, Debka is reporting an "attack" on a Japanese oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.


A Japanese tanker M. Star carrying 270,000 tons of oil was reported damaged by an explosion Wednesday, July 28, near the strategically important Strait of Hormuz, which passes Iran and Oman. One minor injury was caused but no oil leak.

The spokesperson for the tanker's owners Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd said: "We believe it's highly likely an attack, maybe a terrorist incident." US Fifth Fleet HQ in Bahrain is trying to get more information.

Iran has little or no motivation to pick a fight with the US Navy. But the American government has been picking a fight for a long time. Sanctions have not worked, so perhaps it is time to get out the old false flag naval manual. It is doubtful if America would attack Iran without a pretext to inflame the hawks in America.

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