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World News Regarding Babylon

Jun 04, 2010

Japan's Prime Minister Hatoyama resigned Wednesday, and was replaced today by Naoto Kan.


This change was predicted by Benjamin Fulford at least as far back as April 12. Fulford professes to be a spokesman for the Black Dragon Family in Japan (descended from the Emperors). His blog read,

In Japan, meanwhile, the battle for control of the world’s greatest creditor nation continues unabated behind the scenes. The most likely scenario now is for Prime Minister Hatoyama and power-broker Ozawa to be replaced in May by a cabinet led by Naoto Kan.

On April 26 he again wrote of this:

Meanwhile, in Japan the tenure of Prime Minister Hatoyama is expected to end in May, according to Japanese secret government sources. The new Prime Minister is expected to be Naoto Kan. However, the real power is expected to reside with power broker Ichiro Ozawa and ex-police honcho Kamei Shizuka.

Fulford's blog is by subscription only: http://benjaminfulford.net/

The Emperors

After World War II, there were public treaties and secret treaties made with Japan. A secret treaty made Japan a virtual colony of the Federal Reserve and the Rockefeller interests. Reports indicate that this new Prime Minister is set to break off that colonial relationship and move more toward China.

Over the years I have come to understand that the families of former Emperors and kings around the world continue to wield great power in the nations they once ruled. They accumulated huge amounts of wealth over the centuries, and though they visibly lost their thrones, they retained a great deal of power behind the scenes through their continuing prestige and wealth.

This is true in Japan and China, as well as in Europe and the Middle East. (The Japanese and Chinese "dragon families" are interwoven by marriage.) Yet there is very little said of these people in the mainstream news, mostly because these powerful families work through proxies in government and finance. The competition between royals worldwide has continued unabated, though alliances have shifted over the years.

Right now the Kings of the East are working together to overthrow the Western banking system. The Rothschilds virtually invented the modern banking system in the early 1800's and continue to exercise a stranglehold on it and all the nations that have adopted its system. But modern Medo-Persia (the Kings of the East) is nearing its goal of overthrowing Babylon, centered largely in the Federal Reserve System. To this end they have allied together.

Knowing the players in this battlefield help us to understand Bible prophecy and to see who will win, who will lose, and how the Kingdom of God fits into the picture.


Iran is also a picture of prophetic Persia, having a more political role in relation to the Israeli state. In that case, the Israeli state is part of the Babylonian sphere of influence, established in large part by the Rothschilds. Recall that the Balfour Declaration was in the form of a letter written by the British foreign secretary to Baron Lionel Rothschild.


Turkey and Israel

In the great chess game, the Israelis just lost a key chess piece by attacking the Gaza Aid Flotilla. Turkey has been Israel's best friend for a long time but nothing will be the same again in their relations. Turkey will now begin to resume its leadership role looking East, rather than remaining a pawn to Western interests. If war breaks out soon, the Israelis will greatly miss their former friend.


Iraq, too, has given us a prophetic picture of Babylon, seeing that it comprises the immediate territory of the old Empire. When America went bankrupt in 1933 and was foreclosed upon by the Federal Reserve, it started a type of 70-year captivity. This ended in 2003 when Iraq fell to President Bush's "coalition" forces, and Saddam Hussein's statue was torn down on April 9, 2003. Hussein claimed to be the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar.

When President Bush declared war on Iraq (Babylon), he probably did not realize that he was establishing the prophetic pattern for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon itself, which is largely resident in the Federal Reserve System. In other words, Bush ensured the collapse of Babylon on more than one level. We saw this immediately back in 2003 and knew that this would set the stage for the start of the collapse of the Western economies by 2006-2007 after we completed the Jubilee Prayer Campaign.

It is now seven years since the overthrow of Iraq's "Nebuchadnezzar." Recall that Nebuchadnezzar himself experienced a type of overthrow for "seven times" (Dan. 4:32). After this time, his reason was restored and he recognized the Creator as the Sovereign over Babylon. In essence, he declared Babylon to be, as it were, one nation under God.

In some manner, this "seven times" period could be fulfilled from 2003-2010, making this a significant prophetic year for Iraq as well. With the recent election in Iraq, now certified by the courts, this also suggests a new government for Babylon and could have implications in the bigger prophetic picture. Most likely it indicates that the UN will allow Iraq to emerge from financial bankruptcy. This will be good news for those who have invested in the dinar (Iraq's currency). A dinar is now valued at about 1/10 of a cent, but once it is re-listed at the IMF and becomes an international currency once again, it could return to its old value at over $3.00.

The Oil Spill

Last night BP finally reported some success in capping the main leak in the Gulf. This comes on June 3, 2010, which is 1335 days from the beginning of this prophetic cycle that began on Oct. 7, 2006.

The spill itself on April 20 marked 1290 days (Dan. 12:11), and June 3 marked the 1335 days (Dan. 12:12).

Prophetically speaking, this appears to establish the fact that the attack by Apollyon (Abaddon) will not go on forever but will come to an end. That is good news, of course.

The Kingdom of God

Daniel 2:44 says,

"And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, and that kingdom will not be left for another people; it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, but it will itself endure forever."

This is the Stone Kingdom that strikes the image on its feet and eventually grinds the whole image to powder. The Israelis are sitting on the feet of this image (Matt. 21:44), for they refused to take heed to Jesus' warning. They chose instead to become the rulers of Babylon and so will suffer their fate unless they repent. Persia and God's Kingdom are blended by prophecy in Dan. 6:1, 2, so the Kings of the East are doing God's work.

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