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Running Scared--Bilderbergers in Spain

Jun 05, 2010

Information that has come my way . . .

For the first time in 50 plus years many of the invited participants to the annual Bilderberg meeting, which opened today in Spain, did not show up partly out of fear of being stormed and overrun by an outraged public and partly because of pressure and outrage which they invariably face from voters upon return from such meetings to their respective countries.  That's right attendance is down, noticeably.  You know it is bad when Bill Gates puts out false information that he will be attending another meeting, and then tries to sneak into the Bilderberg meeting.

In addition, the elites are split, and fighting among themselves over whether or not to start another world war, which is desperately needed as a cover for the imploding sovereign global debt currencies.

The elites feel compelled to defend the collapsing Euro, even though it is becoming an ever more difficult task as the Euro turns into a gigantic wealth-sucking sponge raveling even their ability to keep pace.  Nevertheless the Euro is the elite's show piece currency and a visual demonstration of how to organize a one world government.  The loss of the Euro is viewed as, not only as a defeat, but a demonstration of New World Order vulnerability.

The damage done by internet talk radio talk shows is so great that the consensus of opinion is that the elites must, some how, shut them all down.  According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, in an April, 2010 address to his fellow elites, for the first time in history the world knows what is going on and exactly what the elite is doing.

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