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Preparations for War with Iran

Jun 23, 2010

Last week a dozen US ships, along with an Israeli warship and a German warship, sailed through the Suez Canal and are now positioned in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Iran. The Israelis "leaked" also that Saudi Arabia had given them permission to use their air space in attacking Iran.

Saudi Arabia denied this vigorously, and one has to believe them. It would make absolutely no sense for the Israelis to leak such a vital piece of information and allow the Iranians advance notice as to which direction the attack would be coming from. While there may be a few planes that come from that direction--in spite of Saudi Arabia--the bulk of the attack is apparently planned to come from the ships offshore and from the Caucasus countries of Georgia and Azerbaijan.


The only "fly in the ointment" is that Turkey is now an enemy of the Israelis. The Israelis were counting heavily on Turkey as being their friend and ally until the flotilla incident occurred last month. With a bunch of Turkish aid workers gunned down, all the carefully-laid Israeli plans may have been scuttled completely.

The US-Israeli bases in the Caucasus are now quite isolated. They can no longer just fly freely through Turkish air space to resupply the bases.

This reminds me of the war in 2008 between Georgia and Russia. The Israelis and US forces backed Georgia but were no match for Russian troops. That area is on Russia's border, and both the US and Israel were too far away to be of much help. Likewise, they did not want to reveal to the world how heavily involved they were.

The war resulted in Russia's bombing of the air base from which the Israelis and US forces intended to attack Iran. The attack on Iran was scrapped.

Now the bases have been repaired, and so we are on a war footing once again. But this time the Israelis shot themselves in the foot with the flotilla, and with Turkey no longer an ally, there has been a monumental shift in the balance of power in the region. My guess is that the US-Israeli forces originally intended to attack Iran without warning from the Caucasus, but because of the new situation, they find it necessary to send warships to the Persian Gulf. This signals their intention and virtually eliminates the element of surprise.

If the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a sign of things to come in the Middle East involving the Prince of Persia, then it would appear that war is now imminent. At the same time, such a war could well spiral out of control much like the oil spill. They say that all war plans become irrelevant once the war begins, because all the best-laid plans have to be revised continually to accommodate new situations. What these world leaders do not understand is that whether or not they beat Iran to a pulp, the final result is the overthrow of the Babylonian system that controls the West. For Babylon, it is a lose-lose situation. No longer will they be able to send troops to make the world safe for the banks of Babylon.

If this happens, watch the news carefully. If nuclear material is leaked into the atmosphere, it will take perhaps a week or two to circulate in the atmosphere to America. When it arrives here, depending on the amount in the air, you may have to start taking the potassium iodate tablets to protect your thyroid from destruction. You will not need to take it until the radioactive material arrives here, but take note of the date of the incident, since this radioactive iodine will be toxic for the next 45 days. You may have to take it only during the final 30-35 days, but don’t expect the government to keep you informed. Never depend on the government for help. These are the same people who are planning to give each postman one tablet—just enough so they can evacuate to some non-existent safe place.

If you are in need of potassium iodate, see the "Health Products" box on the home page of this web site. I carry it as a service to those of you who want it.

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