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Lindsey Williams info about the Oil Spill

Jun 12, 2010

On June 10 Lindsey Williams was interviewed by Alex Jones after talking with a retired high-level executive of an oil company.


In the videos above, we learn that BP had drilled a super-deep well about 25,000-30,000 feet below the Gulf. When they hit this massive oil dome, the pressure reached somewhere around 25,000 to 70,000 psi (pounds per square inch). A normal well, such as in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay wells, are around 1500 psi.

The Gulf well blew out every safety valve and began spewing out at least 4 million gallons of oil per day. BP gave the public estimate at 1000 barrels (42,000 gallons) first, then later raised it to 5,000 (210,000 gallons), and more recently to 15,000 barrels (630,000 gallons).

In the last few days the government has now sttepped in and doubled the estimate, bring it over 1 million gallons per day.

Remember that these figures are retroactive to April 20. The flow rates did not steadily increase over the weeks. Lindsey Williams' source says that the flow is between 4-5 million gallons per day, and Lindsey believes that even this is underestimated. A sixty-day flow at that rate would spill 300 million gallons of oil into theGulf.

But the oil itself is not the worst part of it, nor even the toxic chemical dispersants being dumped on the oil. The worst is the chemical toxins coming up with the oil itself from the earth. Hydrogen Sulfide has a "safe" level of just 5-10 ppb (parts per billion), but the current level is 3,000 ppb.

Benzene's "safe" level is 0-4 ppb, but the current level is 3,000 ppb.

Methalene Chloride's "safe" level is 61 ppb, but the current level is 3000-3400 ppb.

These checmicals are deadly and can cause severe health problems years down the road to those who are exposed to them by the winds coming in from the Gulf. And if a hurricane drives these checmicals inland, the effects could be catastrophic. No Health Care Bill can possibly cover this.

They are currently drilling two "relief wells", which should hit the main pipe in early August. But many believe that ultimately, the only solution will be to use a small nuclear devise to seal up the well. This may work--or it may crack the earth's mantle and make the problem even more catastrophic.

The bottom line is that Lindsey Williams' source says that this was truly an accident, and that the situation scares him to death. There are other articles that claim this was a deliberate act of sabotage, but I doubt these reports. I may be wrong, but I tend to believe that this truly was a big accident caused by the stupid decision to drill super deep into the earth's crust from a platform 5,000 feet above the well at the bottom of the Gulf. I think the problem was caused by simple greed, stupidity, and overconfidence (pride) in man's scientific abilities.

The potential of this catastrophe is so great that it is second only to a world-wide nuclear war that could destroy all life on earth. We know that neither will happen, of course, because God remains in control of all things and will use this situation only to bring us to our knees. But it looks to me as if the Red Button has been pushed, and that we are moving toward our Date with Destiny.

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