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King of Kings Statue Hit by Lightning

Jun 15, 2010


In Ohio, the King of Kings statue at the Solid Rock Church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.

In the video above, church members believe that this was a sign from God, and that it is "not good." They said that the church in general is doing something wrong. However, they seem confused as to what that is. No doubt there are a thousand opinions.

My take on it . . . since it was called "King of Kings," it would have something to do with that particular testimony, or witness.

In Jeremiah's day, God destroyed the temple of Solomon, because the people were not giving proper testimony to its real meaning. They gave lip service to God, but in practice, they were lawless and had put away the law in order to keep the traditions of men (Isaiah 29:13; Matt. 15:8, 9). The temple had become a den of robbers (Jer. 7:11), though the religious worship continued as usual. Few people believed that God would have any just cause to hire the Babylonians to destroy the temple.

In Ohio, the "King of Kings" statue was supposed to be a witness that He is the King of Kings. But what happens when the Church merely gives lip service to that idea but in practice they do not really believe it? I do not doubt their sincerity, of course. In fact, the people in Jeremiah's day were probably very sincere as well. We could say the same about the people in Jesus' day, while He pronounced judgment upon that temple as well (Matt. 21:13).

People do not know what to repent of, because the truth is spoken by so few, and the people are confused by the voices of the many who advocate the traditions of men. It's hard to compete.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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