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Insight about Restitution

Jun 03, 2010

Here is an email that just arrived.

Steve, I was reading your teaching on the 8th Commandment to my family over breakfast this morning.  When we got to the part about pay 1/5 restitution if you confess your crime and return what you have stolen, Kelli said “that sounds a lot like what we as believers in this lifetime do…  people who don’t confess Christ until the Great White Throne pay the full price, where we who do that right now pay a much lower price.”

Not a perfect correlation perhaps, but I thought it a good one!  It’s neat to see my family, even my 8 and 2 year olds responding to the pure simplicity of the Divine Law.  It just makes sense.

This is good enough for the law books in heaven. Oh, wait, it's already written there.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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