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Gulf Oil Spill Media Blackout in place

Jun 14, 2010


It appears that the situation is a lot worse than is being reported. Whenever the government (or a corporation) begins to hide things, you know that there is something to hide.

Grand Isle, LA is said to be under a news media blackout now, and they are arresting people with cameras.

A couple weeks ago I heard of preparations for a massive forced evacuation of the whole Gulf Coast. Perhaps someone is expecting a lot of toxic fumes to come ashore, as well as the oil slick.

If you discern such a possibility, you would be much better off relocating at your own pace, rather than being forced to evacuate with everyone else. Remember that such an evacuation could not be carried out apart from a declaration of martial law, at least in the area affected.

There is at least one site that is already warning of impending martial law this fall.


Regardless of what may happen, one thing is becoming more and more certain. Those who have made their livelihood on the Gulf Coast will be affected for many years by this oil spill. It will not be worth waiting for it to clear. Don't wait for the fish, oysters, or shrimp to come back. That industry is probably finished for the next generation.

I am reminded of A. A. Allen's vision of America back in 1954.


He was at the Empire State Building in NYC, looking through the binoculars for tourists 86 stories up, but instead of seeing the surrounding scene, he saw the Statue of Liberty in the Gulf of Mexico. The hand of God came down and tore the torch from her hand. In its place, the hand put a cup with a giant sword in it and spoke the words from Jer. 25:7,

"Thus says the Lord of hosts. Drink ye and be drunken, spue and fall, and rise no more, because of the sword which I will send."

Then he saw a huge black cloud rising from Alaska and moving toward the upper Great Lakes area. The cloud became a skull and then formed a body down to the waist. It stretched one hand toward New York City and the other toward Seattle and then bent down over Chicago. It began to blow white vapor puffs until it covered the whole East Coast, then the West Coast, and finally a third puff south toward St. Louis, Kansas City. and New Orleans.

When the vapor hit the Statue of Liberty in the Gulf, she began to cough and gasp for breath until she fell face down into the Gulf and died. He then saw many people everywhere coughing and gasping for breath, and many died.

He then saw rocket-like objects springing from the oceans like fish, resulting in many huge balls of fire in America.

When the earth was silent, he heard the sound of distant singing and rejoicing from the saints of God who had been protected.

Allen's interpretation of the vision is not necessarily accurate, of course. The puffs of smoke, he thought, could be nerve gas coming from the Soviet Union. But now the Gulf oil spill may shed new light on this, especially since the Statue of Liberty was strangely located in the Gulf. It may be that the Statue itself represents "Liberty" as much as the USA itself. Perhaps this indicates the Death of Liberty in America.

The main problem is that we make a lot of assumptions when we try to interpret spiritual visions. But people and various strange "beasts" are usually not to be taken literally. Neither must we assume that the "rocket-like objects" are necessarily missiles, nuclear or otherwise. I personally have no revelation of any nuclear war here in America. Whenever I ask the Father about other people's visions of nuclear war here, I can get no confirmation of it. All I see is a nuclear war in the Middle East.

I know that not everything is revealed to me or to anyone else either, so my lack of revelation does not necessarily mean it won't happen.

Yet it seems more than coincidental that A. A. Allen would have a vision of the Statue of Liberty standing in the Gulf of Mexico instead of at NYC, and that we are now seeing the worst environmental disaster in the history of mankind occurring there. These are things to pray about and to watch the news closely.

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