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Elisha Signs--Where are we?

Jun 26, 2010

In April 2009 I began writing about Elijah and Elisha and how the miraculous signs that they did apply to our time. All of this began with revelation at the conference in Hilo, Hawaii in September of 2007. We saw that we were moving into an Elijah time frame, and then in late 2008 we began to see that we had progressed into a time of Elisha.

The difference, of course, is that Elijah did 8 miracles, while Elisha received the double portion and did 16 miracles.

At Passover of last year (2009) we understood that we would begin seeing the patterns of Elisha manifested in the world, one after the other. I wrote about those signs periodically as they came to pass throughout the past year. We completed the first 8 miracles (signs) within one year, the last being the "death in the pot" that was neutralized by barley meal (2 Kings 4:38-41).

I assumed last March that this sign was complete and that we ought to look for the ninth sign at Passover in April. Then the bottom seemed to drop out, and we saw absolutely nothing. I thought that perhaps we had to await the Second Passover, but this did not happen either. I was puzzled, but there was nothing I could do but wait for the Father to act and reveal the sign.

Recently, I have been getting reports from a friend named Cheryl, who had received revelation about the Gulf oil spill and its connection to the eighth sign of Elisha: "death in the pot." I now see that this entire oil spill is a continuation and outworking of the eighth sign.

The Gulf of Mexico is known technically as the Gulf Basin. A "basin" is a pot or cauldron. The Hebrew word used in this sign is ciyr, which is translated 21 times as "pot" and five times as "cauldron."


It is probably not a coincidence that Mexico's president at this time is Felipe Calderón. His name literally means a cauldron, pot, or kettle.


Hence the Gulf of Mexico can be viewed as the Gulf of Calderón. The oil spill that is polluting the Gulf today is "death in the cauldron." It is in the process of killing all life in the Gulf.

The good news is this: By seeing this as an in-the-world extension of the eighth sign of Elisha, we see also the SOLUTION. This is not a problem without a solution. What we need is Elisha's "meal" to put into the cauldron in order to neutralize the poison and bring life out of death.

My friend Richard has already put a boundary on Padre Island off the coast of Corpus Christi, having gone there last March. He discerned something foreboding in the Gulf at the time, but did not know what it was. Perhaps others will be led to do something as well.

As for me, I had prayed about making another trip to the Gulf ever since I saw the 13-year parallel with 1997. Recall that we went to the Gulf in August of 1997 to place a boundary from Padre Island to Key West, Florida and up the East Coast to North Carolina. That was to prevent hurricanes from hitting, and the boundary lasted precisely one year. So the question was whether we would be led to do something similar this year.

So far we have had no leading to go to the Gulf. However, we are planning a trip to the headwaters of the Mississippi River just north of us on July 9. We do not yet have specific instructions, but I do know that we will speak a Word into the river and let it flow down to the mouth at New Orleans and into the Gulf. The Word itself will "flow" much faster than the water itself, so we expect to see results beginning rather quickly, perhaps even the same day.

The reason we are making this trip on July 9 is because we are having a local conference here on July 10 and 11, and Fran is one of the speakers. She is coming up from Arizona and wanted to see the headwaters of the Mississippi. So she is coming early to give us time to go on July 9. She still thinks she is just a tourist, of course, at least until she reads this report. But actually, she was being led by the Spirit to give us revelation about when and where to go to deal spiritually with the oil spill.

Remember also the old revelation that I have mentioned frequently over the years . . . "July is like September." Something always happens in July that has its counterpart in September on the same date. In this case, July 9 is like September 9. It happens that September 9, 2010 is Rosh Hoshana, the feast of Trumpets, Resurrection Day.

Elisha threw barley meal into the pot to bring life. We know this because this occurred during a time of famine when only barley would grow. And barley bread was multiplied in the next sign of Elisha as well. The day of barley harvest is the wave-sheaf offering, on which day Jesus rose from the dead. This is why I thought we would see the ninth sign occur at Passover-wave sheaf offering last April. But that did not happen. Instead, it appears to have been postponed to the autumn feasts, the second set of feasts that apply more particularly to our time in the second work of Christ.

Hence, instead of Passover or wave-sheaf time, this is focusing upon July 9 and September 9, the day which prophesies of the resurrection of the dead.

Putting it all together, then, it appears that the Word which will be spoken on July 9 at the headwaters of the Mississippi River will be the first witness of a two-part story. This probably means that the solution will not really be seen until September 9. So if you see little or nothing on July 9 (other than a spiritual "witness"), it does not mean that all is lost. It simply means that spiritual forces have been released to begin to do the work which will be seen at the appointed time--probably September 9.

And keep in mind, too, that this is just an early view. Early views are never complete. We are still seeing through a glass darkly and can only report what is revealed. We must leave the unrevealed stuff for a later time before we can complete the picture.

Once we put the eighth sign of Elisha behind us, then we can look for the ninth sign. But these two signs are somewhat unique in that they appear to be connected prophetically by the use of barley. Both signs have to do with life and raising the dead. Even multiplying the barley bread is an Old Testament forerunner of the story in John 6, where Jesus fed the multitude with five loaves of barley bread (John 6:9). It was done near the time of Passover (John 6:4), but probably right after Passover on the day of the wave-sheaf offering. Breaking the bread signified His death, while gathering the fragments prophesied of His resurrection. This applies to us as well.

Because of the connection between signs 8 and 9, we could see these occur back-to-back or even simultaneously. Anything can happen after July 9. We will simply have to wait and see what God does. Our only concern is to be obedient to the Word that He has given us.

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