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Jun 15, 2010

I mentioned a few days ago that one of the more important time cycles to watch is the 13-year cycle. This cycle is anchored by the 13-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign from 1993-2006. As we so often see, the major time cycles have echo effects, which produce multiple starting and ending points.

Right now we are watching carefully the 13-year cycle from 1997-2010. Much happened in 1997, particularly in the time from June 19 to early September of 1997. Perhaps once we come to June 19 we will begin to see what might develop this year. Situations are always new and do not repeat exactly, but when they do, they can be seen to be parallel situations. Nearly always they follow the same time line as the earlier situation.

It is premature at the present time to speculate about how the 1997 events might repeat in 2010, simply because there were many things that happened in 1997. We don't know yet which events will repeat, or in what manner. But one obvious thing is the focus upon the Gulf. Our trip to the Gulf in 1997, placing a hurricane boundary from Corpus Christi, TX to Key West, FL and then up to Statesville, NC, seems to be the main pattern that is repeating. The current oil spill in the Gulf, I think, makes this a virtual certainty.

So far, I have no leading to make another trip down there. If they evacuate the Gulf this summer, then such a trip may not be possible. I have only one small revelation about such a trip this year. The revelation is that such a trip is still "conditional" upon later events occurring. I have found that this usually means that we have to wait for events to play out further before the time is ripe for revelation or for action.

Yet I have also found that more often than not, when a future trip is "conditional," it means that those conditions will indeed be met. If that is the case, then I might project a trip in August, much like I made in 1997.

Recall that Michele's intercessory trip to China began on June 19, 1997. Our trip to Corpus Christi and Key West began on August 19.

The June trip to China culminated with the turnover of Hong Kong ("The Pearl of the Orient") to China on July 1, 1997. The August trip to the Gulf culminated with the death of Princess Diana on August 31. She was the alternate "pearl" eaten by the Red Dragon, since he was unable to take the "Pearl of Great Price" (Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ) due to our protective boundary.

In 2010, however, we seem to be dealing with Apollyon (or Abaddon), rather than with the Red Dragon. These entities are all interconnected, of course, but this one is the Prince of Persia and has more to do with the Middle East, Islam, war, and Counterfeit Comforters.

Yesterday's news reported that President Obama is now calling the oil disaster the "Environmental 911," thus linking this disaster to 911. I think this is very significant as a prophetic sign, because 911 was the date that Abaddon (the second "bear" of my 1986 vision) was released. I have already written that April 20, 2010 was the point where this second bear (Persia, Dan. 7:5) began to come down the home stretch in his purpose to "devour much flesh" as a "beast of war."

In 1997 the Red Dragon's "prize" was to capture Corpus Christi, symbolically representing the Pearl of Great Price. In 2010 the Prince of Persia's "prize" is to capture Jerusalem. So why is the oil disaster occurring in the Gulf of Mexico? Why not the Persian Gulf?

Well, first of all both are "Gulfs" and they are connected by oil and BP itself, which, under an earlier corporate name, developed the first oil field in Persia at the town of Abadan in 1908. Secondly, America has been the protector of the Israeli State, so this nation is standing in the way and is going to be hit as well.

Christian Zionists like John Hagee think that God is on the side of the Israelis and that it is the will of God that the USA should stand with them as well. Apparently, they have not read Isaiah 29:1-8, where we find God on the side of those laying siege to Jerusalem. God says in verse 2, "I will bring distress to Ariel," the poetic name for Jerusalem. Verse 3 continues,

(3) I will camp against you, encircling you, and I will set siegeworks against you, and I will raise up battle towers against you. (4) Then you shall be brought low....

What follows is a description of a nuclear blast in Old Testament understanding. So it is obvious that if God has raised up an army to lay siege to Jerusalem, He is on their side in this conflict. He intends to cast out the "bondwoman" (Hagar-Jerusalem, see Gal. 4:25-30) in order to establish Sarah-New Jerusalem in the earth. As long as the Christian Zionists and the USA itself stands in the way, we will suffer judgment, at least indirectly.

Perhaps this is the explanation for A. A. Allen's vision of 1954, which I posted yesterday. Many times people see visions of things that will not necessarily take place, but are "conditional" upon continuing the present course. In other words, this is what would happen if we were to continue down this path. The results are not written in granite, because judgment can always be averted by genuine repentance. Jonah proved this.

In fact, Jonah may be a very good example for us today. Jonah is connected to Nineveh, the "City of Fish." When Hurricane Katrina struck a few years ago, we recognized that New Orleans was a type of Nineveh and Babylon, "that great city" (Jonah 4:11 and Rev. 18:19), as President Bush called it. The point is that if New Orleans is Nineveh, their repentance averted divine judgment.

And so I believe there is a way to avoid utter calamity in the Gulf and in New Orleans specifically. Since the threat is the Prince of Persia, the solution is to repent of the sin of Christian Zionism. The solution is to change our thinking and stop supporting Hagar-Jerusalem and its Old Covenant theology and eschatology. As long as we stand in the way of divine judgment upon Jerusalem, we will be vulnerable to a portion of that judgment.

Personally, I believe that God intends to bring a certain level of judgment upon the USA and upon the Church here on account of its lawlessness and its support of Hagar-Jerusalem. But I do not know where the cut-off point will be. Our job as intercessors and prayer warriors is to work to bring that level down as far as possible by causing the people to repent sooner rather than later.

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