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China and the Kingdom of God

Jun 05, 2010

The New World Order has fallen, and they can't get up.

Okay, perhaps that is a bit premature; but consider it to be a prophecy, because Scripture clearly speaks of its demise as it is replaced by the Kingdom of God.

In the old pattern of Babylon's fall, we find that prophecy of the Kingdom is intertwined with that of Medo-Persia. Cyrus the Persian is a type of Christ, for Isaiah says of him, "Thus says Yahweh to His Messiah" (Isaiah 45:1). In Isaiah 44:28 God says,

(28) It is I who says of Cyrus, "He is My shepherd, and he will perform all my desire. And he declares of Jerusalem, She will be built."

This was prophesied 200 years before Cyrus was born. When the time came to be fulfilled, Daniel was not afraid of the Medes and Persians. He knew that they had been raised up by God Himself to set the people free and to restore Jerusalem. In our day, we see the rise of the new Kings of the East, now known to be China, Japan, and others in the East. Do we need to be afraid of them? No, of course not.

The Church has put out countless articles about China, designed to generate fear. They do this, not realizing that they have become so entrenched in modern Babylon that they have become, in part, its spokesmen. Hence, Babylon's fear is expressed by Christians living in Babylon.

The solution is to stop identifying with Babylon and start identifying with the Kingdom of God. God has raised up nations like China for His purposes. Yes, I understand that China persecutes Christians who remain outside of the officially recognized religion known as the Three-Self Patriotic Church. But this persecution has only served to purify the Church and to remove those who are not serious about following Christ.

There are now well over 100 million Christians in China outside of the controlled church organization. These believers do not lay curses upon their nation. They pray for their nation and for their leaders. With 100 million Chinese Christians praying for their nation, I find little to worry about from China. China will turn and become the most populous Christian Nation in history.

God has used persecution in China to raise up a generation of Christians who will pray effectively and intercede for the nation.

Contrast that to America, where Christians tend to curse the bad policies of our leaders and feel little or no motivation to pray for them.

Based upon the biblical pattern, I believe that China and its Eastern allies have been raised up to overthrow the Babylonian New World Order which has kept the West in bondage for a century. China will do all that God desires, even as Cyrus did 2500 years ago. China will help build the New Jerusalem and the True Temple of God which is built upon Jesus Christ and the Apostles (Eph. 2:20-22).

In 1997-1998 we did a secret intercessory prophetic work which was directed toward China. Confirmation of the effectiveness of this work came in early 1998, and we knew then that China had been redeemed. It would only be a matter of time before this would emerge as a reality in the world.

This year (2010) we are again seeing signs of a further emergence of China, not only in its bid to overthrow Babylon's NWO in the West, but also signs of China emerging as the Kings of the East who will do the work of God in building the New Jerusalem and the True Temple.

Since our 13-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign from 1993-2006, we have continued to observe this 13-year cycle each year. We are now observing 1997-2010. The things accomplished by the Spirit in 1997 are popping to the surface now in 2010. Among these things we must include our intercession for China in 1997.

This is one reason why, since the end of December, I have been writing about The Kings of the East.

This has been to prepare you for a whole new paradigm in the earth. This year 2010 is one of the most important years in all of history, as I have explained in other places. There are world events taking place now that will disrupt the Babylonian order of things. Yes, a certain amount of political and financial chaos is inevitable in this transition, but the overall purpose of God is to set us free.

Last September we received revelation that this year would be, in some way, a YEAR OF JUBILEE.

There are developments happening even now which loudly confirm this, and I believe that great changes are in store by the end of this Jubilee Year. (It ends Sept. 18, 2010.)

There is increasing chaos and dissension within the ranks of the Babylonian world leaders. Some say that Babylon has deliberately caused this financial meltdown. Perhaps so. Perhaps they thought that they could destroy their own system in a controlled demolition. But if so, God has tricked them into destroying their own system.

Not that they really had any choice, of course. Their entire banking system has reached its apex. The greatest Ponzi scheme in history has reached the end of its debt limit. The people cannot borrow enough money to keep enough in circulation. The governments are trying to fill the void, but they too are hopelessly in debt and cannot sustain huge bailouts for long. Belshazzar has had his last booze party, getting drunk on the wine of Babylon for the last time. The handwriting is on the wall, and world leaders have read it.

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.

The Kings of the East have dried up the Euphrates [flow of money] and are walking into the city on dry ground. The soldiers are stumbling over the sealed jar containing Jeremiah's prophecy of the fall of Babylon, which he sent with Seraiah to cast into the river, to be found at the appointed time (Jer. 51:61-63).

(61) Then Jeremiah said to Seraiah, "As soon as you come to Babylon, then see that youread all these words aloud, (62) and say, 'Thou, O Lord, hast promised concerning this place to cut it off, so that there will be nothing dwelling in it, whether man or beast, but it will be a perpetual desolation.' (63) And it will come about as soon as you finish reading this scroll, you will tie a stone to it and throw it into the middle of the Euphrates."

Thus, Seriah was sent on a long trip from Jerusalem to Babylon. He read this prophecy in Babylon itself, tied a rock to the sealed jar, and then threw it into the Euphrates River which flowed through the city. There it remained for decades until (as I believe) the soldiers of Darius and Cyrus stumbled upon it after drying up the Euphrates. The prophecy was fulfilled when it was discovered.

The ultimate end of the prophecy is to entirely depopulate Babylon. And yet the city was taken intact. We understand now that the idea is not to kill the entire population of Babylon, but to transfer them from Babylon to the Kingdom of God. This can be done without great destruction. The only one killed was Belshazzar, the king (Dan. 5:30). So also in our day.

So rather than be afraid of the ones God has raised up to overthrow Mystery Babylon, we ought to rejoice in what God is doing in the earth. Focus upon the Kingdom of God, and know that this Stone will soon grow until it fills the whole earth (Dan. 2:35). When genuine Christians do what they are called to do, they will bear witness of Christ to all men, including the Chinese. When they see Christ in you, they will listen to your Truth.

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