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World Outrage at Israeli attack on aid flotilla

May 31, 2010

This report says that that the Israelis stormed the Gaza Aid flotilla 75 miles offshore in INTERNATIONAL WATERS. Is that not called Piracy?

No wonder there are protests coming from around the world. Keep in mind that the Israelis have ignored over 30 United Nations resolutions. When other countries (like Iraq) tred to ignore a few resolutions, they were bombed and overthrown. There is a double standard here, thanks to the United States and to the Church which demands a low standard for Israeli behavior.

The article says that 10 Israeli soldiers were wounded in the raid. The Israelis used this to justify the attack, saying, "They were anything but peace activists." Yeah, right. Now it is wrong to defend one's self--unless you are an Israeli, of course. May I remind you that it was NOT the flotilla that attacked the Israelis, but the other way around.

May I also remind you that the problem started many decades ago, NOT when Palestinians moved to Europe to take over Jewish property, but the other way around. You cannot steal someone else's land and then claim the right of self-defense to keep it.

"Athens, furious that the raid took place in international waters, has pulled out of joint military exercises with Israel and has also barred the head of the Israeli air force from flying to Greece."

I suspect that this could be the final outrage that will turn world opinion permanently against the Israeli state and bring about its final demise.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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