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The Spiritual Connection between Nashville and Athens, Greece

May 07, 2010

It is an impressive fact that Nashville, Tennessee, my home, is the only city in the world that has reinterpretations of two mythic temples from antiquity. Both are among the finest in existence.

One temple is the “Queen of Heaven” Athena’s Parthenon "Virgin-temple," 438 B.C., Athens, Greece. . . .

Nashville is called “the Athens of the South.” Her life-size copy of the Parthenon was constructed in 1897 to celebrate Tennessee’s Centennial and rebuilt in the 1920s. Inside is sculptor Alan LeQuire’s masterpiece commissioned in 1982, a 41-foot, 10-inch tall statue of the lost Athena-Parthenos. She’s the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world. . . .

Nashville is, unquestionably, a city whose talismanic symbols place it in the Hermetic big leagues along with Washington DC and Paris. Perhaps it is time for Nashville’s secrets to ring. . . .

To read the full article and see the pictures of the statue of Athena in her temple in Nashville, go to:


COMMENT: Perhaps it is just a coincidence that Nashville was flooded at the same time that the riots occurred in Greece. But I believe there is a spiritual connection. What happens in one place affects events in the other place.

It is the same connection as we see with Memphis, TN and Memphis, Egypt.

Or with Washington D.C. and Washington State and also with Rome.

Architecture has been used in a very deliberate manner to bring the spirit of an old city into the new location. The two cities are spiritually linked by architecture. It is done on purpose, and a lot of thought and effort are put into it by those who believe in this. They understand the spiritual principles, although they use those principles for their own purposes, rather than subjecting them to the laws of God.

In essence, this is the lawless use of spiritual principles in the attempt to force God to bend to the will of man.

I, too, have learned a few things about these spiritual principles. The primary difference is that I have come to understand them by being obedient to the will of God. I recognize His sovereignty as I seek to establish the principle: As in heaven, so on earth. I do not attempt to force God to bless our human designs by imitating the heavens with architecture or street designs, as was done with Washington D.C.

It appears, though, that the collapse of Greece into chaos indicates divine judgment upon Democracy itself as a form of government that worships the mind of man. Nashville has gotten caught up in this judgment because of its interconnection with Athens, Greece.

There is a flood of the Holy Spirit coming, which will sweep away the works of men and will expose the Tower of Babel to be a useless exercise in human rebellion.

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