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Quakes, Volcanos, and War

May 29, 2010

Back in the 1980's, when I was part of the Net of Prayer, a prime revelation was to watch for the sequence of events: quakes, volcanos, and war. We observed that these often came sequentially, unless stopped by intercession.

Since January we have seen unusual quake activity, followed by volcanic activity in Iceland. Last week came more volcanic activity in Guatamala and Ecuador.


And now we find that American naval forces are building up off the coast of Iran,


and Korea is on the brink of war.


Mideast countries want to sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty for the region, but President Obama, like his predecessors, object to the inclusion of Israel in it. They prefer that Israel retain its nuclear weapons, while the others stop moving toward production.


"Security" means having bigger and better weapons than your neighbors. The only ones who want this treaty are those who don't have nuclear weapons already. But the treaty becomes meaningless as long as the Israelis won't sign it.

So in our slide toward war, it seems that the skids are being greased right now. Many reports expect the Israelis to launch a strike against Iran this summer or fall. With America's military buildup around Iran, it looks like we may do their dirty work for them. The Church demands it in its desire for Armageddon, which they believe will force Christ to return and bring about the rapture.

It's madness, all of it. The world needs the Gospel of the Kingdom.

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