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More people employed, but higher unemployment rate?

May 08, 2010


They say that 290,000 new jobs were added in April, including 66,000 census workers and other temporary jobs.

This is said to be good news, while at the same time the unemployment rate jumped from 9.7% to 9.9%.

So how can the unemployment rate go up while more people are being employed? It's because a lot of people who had simply stopped looking for work thought that perhaps there might be some hope in getting work, so they began to look again. Or maybe they were at the point of starvation and had no choice but to look for work again.

Either way, it shows how the official figures do not reflect the true situation. If the official figures had already been counting the unemployed, instead of just counting those who are looking for work, then the unemployment rate would be at 17.1%, according to the article above. Presidents don't like high unemployment figures, so they find ways to lie about them.

Once in a while, those lies are exposed. Like the April figures. If they had simply told the truth earlier, then adding new jobs would have LOWERED the unemployment rate. Instead, the rate went up to 9.9% (but really 17.1%).

Someone needs to pass a Truth in Government law.

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