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Humanitarian Aid to Gaza sets up showdown with Israeli blockade

May 31, 2010


This shows how relations between Turkey and Israel have plummeted in the past year or so.

The flotilla of ships were attacked today by the Israeli navy, with an estimated 20 aid workers killed.


Perhaps Netanyahu should write a new version of How to Win Friends and Influence People. This will have a great impact upon Israeli prestige, especially in Europe and Asia. They are losing friends fast and setting themselves up for the fulfillment of Jer. 19:10, 11, where Jerusalem is destroyed in such a way that it will never again be rebuilt (or repaired).

I also had a dream-report from a reader as follows:

I wanted to share something to be watchful about. It concerns a dream the Lord brought back up to me by coincidence, just in the last week.

I had this particular dream I'm referring to during a time I was participating on a forum. The dream was in Oct. 2008--- and I had titled it somewhat prophetically, "'Flotilla' portends Wall Street Ship Will Sink." In the dream I was reading the forum on the computer screen and I was reading a prophecy by someone with the username "Standardbearer"....The prophecy was very lengthy and I was not able or allowed to remember details, but the ONE word that I was allowed and did remember, was the word "FLOTILLA" and the understanding that the entire prophecy seemed to be regarding military content or war.

I then saw in the dream that the flotilla thread had been "MOVED" by the admin...

I then saw and heard the frantic words "SELL, SELL, SELL!!"

I then saw and heard another set of words/prophecy on the forum that had to do with housing market -- It basically said the prices on housing and homes was going to "fall through the bottom"--"sink" like a ship-- and that once it occurred, they (TPTTTB) would project and tell everyone that it would be at least three years before the economy recovered (that is not to say that will happen-- only that that is what THEY will say).

--End of dream

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