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Crossing the Rubicon--a blog from Matterhorn Asset Management

May 20, 2010

Here is a blog from a writer for Matterhorn Asset Management. I find it interesting that he talks about "crossing the Rubicon," which is an expression indicating that we have reached the point of no return.

Recall our prophetic act of crossing the Rubicon River last March after our San Jose Conference. It appears that some money managers are now seeing the same thing. We don't mind if they are a couple months behind on the news. They have hedge funds; we have an Edge.


Yes this is it! We have crossed the Rubicon and events in the world economy are now likely to unfold in a totally uncontrollable fashion. Clueless governments still don’t understand that it is their ruinous actions that have created a credit infested and bankrupt world. They will continue to prescribe the same remedy that caused the problem in the first place, namely more credit and more printed money. The consequences are clear; we will have hyperinflation, economic and human misery as well as social unrest.

When will the world finally begin to understand that we have reached the point of no returnand that “the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries” (Shakespeare, Julius Caesar).  Sadly, we are probably not very far from that point. It is already starting to happen in many countries....

Never in history has the world been in a situation when virtually all industrialised countries are bankrupt. Therefore there is no precedent for what will happen in the next few years. What we can be quite certain about is that events will happen in a seemingly random pattern and that it will be impossible to forecast where the next crises will start. [END OF QUOTE]

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