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The Samurai Sword Discernments

Apr 17, 2010

I posted a dream on 4/15 that was given to one of our readers. The dream came on 2/21, and I asked if anyone had comments or discernments.

Comment #1:

   I read with interest the blog yesterday "Confirmation 
of Feb. 21 Watch Date" where the gentleman wrote about
about the sword.  On March 15th at 9:19 PM while in couple 
prayer I had a vision of me with a long sharp sword and I was 
making precise cuts using up and down movements of the
sword.  What I wrote at that time was that I was rightly 
dividing the word. When I told Kathy she asked if it was
a two edge sword like in Eph. ?  It was not - it was long
and thin and turned up on the end slightly with one cutting
edge.  As I did the slicing I held it with both hands
so the cuts were precise.  I had not thought of it
looking like a samurai sword.  But today when I looked
on the internet the samurai sword was the closest to what
I saw in the vision, with it's long handle and being able 
to hold it with both hands.
    At a meeting on the 6th of April I had the vision of using
the sword during the meeting.   On Wed. April 7, 2010, 
I had the following word:

One of your callings is to rightly divide the word of
    Truth with the sword I have given you.
That is what you were called to do and what you are
Fear not as you use the sword, but always do so with
    much grace and mercy.
Fear not what others think, but always be gracious as
    you share My truth.

Comment #2:

Dear Steven,
    When I read the dream that you posted, I was immediately taken in my Spirit, because the Lord has been explaining this message to me since the end of January, in answer to prophetic scriptures that He has been showing to me since 1997. I also want you to know that since 1997 I had had questions in my spirit about whether the Lord was really going to send people to an eternity in fire, and He led me to your teachings, which fully answered those questions. Thank you for printing what you know is the truth, and not what the "status quo" blindly believes!
   Upon reading the dream, I immediately received the scripture Rev. 6:10. The stars that were seen in the dream represent these souls of the dead saints that have been waiting for this moment, and are excited with joy unspeakable. Obviously, this is a Spiritual fulfillment of a physical reality that will be coming to pass soon.
  The timing of the dream is important. It was "early evening", the beginning of the Hebrew day, and the time just before "darkness" falls when no "man" can work. The date of 2/21/2010 speaks of the Time of Jacob's trouble [21]. This is what the Lord has been showing me: At the opening to a Tabernacles season, the dead in Christ will rise first at Rosh Hashanna. Then, as you too have mentioned, those alive and remaining will be changed. The person in the dream is one of these "alive ones". This is the Second Coming, and as Jesus comes as lightning, we will be changed. "Who will abide and stand His coming?"
  There are numerous scriptures answering this, but basically, it is the overcomer. The other day He shocked me by showing me that Rev 7 are the "alive ones", and this is one of the reasons that they are sealed. The "winds of trouble" are held back, and the sealing is the "changing" into immortality, and this happens to them because they are the ones that were able to "stand" as true overcomers. The crown of stars is the sealing of this person, and it is representatively done by those "stars" (saints) that had died in the past. The dead need no sealing, because death had already sealed them. Some of them are "flying" in squadrons, because they know that their task is finally at hand. They are a unified group of troops, and unify themselves with this "alive one" by a crown around his head. It is done by a "crowd of stars", which represent the "tribe" that the "alive one" belongs to. (Micah 5:1-3) (By the way, I believe that this scripture section is speaking of the "Body of Christ" in unity, not just Jesus.  Some believe that they are safe and will be in this group, but it is actually only those that have followed the admonition of the Lord in Luke 21:36 and Rev 3:10, and they are deemed "worthy", because they have "kept the word of His patience"...they haven't given up on the Lord, and have followed Him in sanctification. Your writing "The Purpose of Law and Grace" explains sanctification nicely.)
   Immediately, upon being sealed, this person is given a sword.  It is the "Glittering sword" of Deut 32:41, and Ps 7:12. It is also the sword that is represented in Bullinger's book "The Witness of the Stars" in the Perseus section. (See photo here: http://philologos.org/__eb-tws/images/27perseus.gif ) This is the answer held in Micah 2:12,13 as we are joined together with our Lord as the "head". He is the Breaker, yet we all will receive the reward of disposing of the Lord's enemies. (Ps 149) The Lord showed me that after we are "changed", we will be like Jesus was on the road to Emmaus, "unrecognizable" to those we speak to, except for the idea that Jesus fulfilled Isaiah 61:1, 2a, and we will be fullfilling the whole chapter. (Habakkuk 2:20 - 3:1,2)  Micah 5:7,8 also describes what we will be to the people on earth.This will be the "time of Jacob's Trouble", which will be a blessing to some, and a curse to those that have a wrong heart. Some will indeed fall under the explanation given by Zophar in Job 20, especially 20:25. Their own unrepented sins will condemn them as a sword coming out of their gall. 
   This is also the "mandate" that is given to the person in the dream. A mandate is an order handed down from a higher authority, and it is to be carried out. The earth will be cleansed by the "sword", and we, the overcomers, will do the work as our "Head" Jesus directs. 
   (I have been looking into the possibility that the "cleansing" of the earth will take 21 years. Joshua took 14 years to take the Promised land, including a time of conquering and a time of dividing up the land. It wonders me that we may follow the same pattern, except that we will take an additional 7 years to "complete" the job of establishing the Kingdom that Joshua could not do. This also, if it begins in 2012, would bring us to a full 2000 years since the Resurrection of our Lord, 2033.)

My comment: Relating the sword to the one held by Perseus is significant, because the name PERSIA is named for Perseus. "The Breaker" in Micah 2:13 is the true Perseus (Christ), and it is also the meaning of Peres or Upharsin in Dan. 5:25 and 28, involving the fall of Babylon at the hands of Persia. A Samurai sword connects this also to Japan, one of the "kings of the east."

Now that we are seeing the House of Gold collapse along with the indictment of Goldman Sachs, this is obviously the Sword of the Spirit (rightly dividing the word of truth) that overthrows Babylon.

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