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The Pope under fire

Apr 02, 2010

490 years ago the pope came under fire from Martin Luther, who objected to the love of money. He posted his 95 theses on the church door at Wittenburg.

On the 490th anniversay of his posting in 1517, Meredith Whitney posted her expose of Citibank on the "Wallstreet" article, showing the bankers' love of money.

Now another Whitney is posting an article on the pope's coverup policies regarding the abuse of children.


Since this is reaching a crisis point during Operation Snowmageddon prayer campaign, where we are "taking Rome," it can hardly be a coincidence that these exposures are coming at this particular point in time. Even this article above is written by a Whitney.

It is certainly something to watch.

Catholic people are wanting to separate God from the church, the article says. In other words, they are seeing a disconnect between the church and God. One does not need to find God through the religion. This smells like the beginning of the end of denominationalism and King Saul himself.

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