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The Kings of the East--A New Nation in Borneo

Apr 13, 2010

Toward the end of last December I wrote an article about "The Kings of the East" and how this is at least part of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. In the days of Daniel, the kings of the east were Cyrus and Darius, who conquered Babylon. Today, it is a bit different, but yet we are seeing the formation of a new nation called The Royal Kingdom of Borneo.

Many people do not even know where Borneo is located, nor do they understand its importance in the financial arena. But the United Nations has decided to set up a new Kingdom, made up of Borneo itself, and adding to it the southern part of the Philippines including the Sulu islands and Mindanao itself.

As many of you may know I spent many years of my early life on Mindanao, and I have been on quite a number of the southern islands of the Sulu Sea that stretch all the way to Borneo. So I have always maintained an interest in the area and have studied its history with the wars with the Dutch and the Spanish a few centuries ago.

There has been an insurgency group in that area for decades, attempting to obtain independence from Manila. It has always been rumored that the insurgents wanted to join with Borneo. Well, now we are actually seeing this happen. So far it has only appeared on news in China.


If you listen to this news footage for a few minutes, you will see the U.N. representative in his official red robes giving a short speech (in English) supporting the establishment of this new monarchy. The sign in the background reads,

"The Ceremony of the Official Declaration of His Royal Majesty, Allen Neoh Weng Wah, King of Borneo, Sulu, and Mindanao."

The King being honored is Allen Neoh Weng Wah, a descendant of the old Chinese Emperors, who trace their ancestry back to Genghis Khan.

He is actually only one of three Kings who will rule this Kingdom of Borneo. I do not know why they need three kings. Perhaps each will rule a semi-autonomous region of the new Kingdom. Perhaps one of them will preside over the other two as regional kings. We will see.

But is it not interesting that Daniel 6:1 and 2 tells us that King Darius the Mede divided the kingdom into 120 provinces (the number associated with the outpouring of the Spirit) and then established three governors to rule them? Daniel was the chief of those governors.

We are seeing history in the making. This change will be somewhat traumatic for the Christians living on Mindanao. They may wish to emigrate to the North. But God has a bigger plan that most people cannot see or understand, because they know only how world events effect them personally. Most people do not see the bigger picture.

In recent years, largely because of "Free Trade," a great shift of wealth and power has been taking place. The shift is from West to East. Borneo has assets that are generally unknown to the public but which may soon become a very important factor in the world. The Kings of the East are being raised up to overthrow the system of Mystery Babylon that has kept the people of the West oppressed for many years. This new system is not necessarily a better system, but it is a power shift that will affect all of us for an unknown period of time.

We must know the story of Daniel 6 to understand the purposes of God. I am very glad that Darius divided up the kingdom into 120 provinces, because this is a revelation of prophecy that shows the divine fingerprint of the Kingdom. If there are three kings of Borneo, look for a "Daniel" among them to emerge in due time.

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