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The Conflict in the Southern Philippines

Apr 14, 2010

Here is an example of the insurgency in the southern Philippines that has been going on for decades.


Muslim militants disguised as policemen and soldiers detonated bombs and opened fire Tuesday in a series of coordinated attacks in a southern Philippine city, triggering clashes that killed at least 12 people.

About 25 Abu Sayyaf militants were involved in the attacks in Isabela city on the island province of Basilan, one of the most daring operations by the al-Qaida-linked group in recent months, regional military commander Lt. Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino said.

The dead included three marines and three militants, including an Abu Sayyaf commander identified as Bensar Indama, who wore a police uniform. A policeman and five civilians were also killed, including one who died in a hospital in nearby Zamboanga city after being airlifted from Basilan, Dolorfino said.

Nine people were wounded by the blasts and gunfire, including two militants who were captured, he said.

Isabela is one of two Christian regions on predominantly Muslim Basilan, the birthplace of the Abu Sayyaf, which has long been blacklisted by Washington as a terrorist organization because of its involvement in kidnappings, bombings and other acts of banditry.

I went to school in Zamboanga City, which is located on the tip of the "finger" of Mindanao. Just off the coast of Zamboanga is the island of Basilan. I was often there in my early life as a missionary kid.

If Mindanao and Basilan are taken from the Philippines and made provinces of Borneo, this insurgency will most likely end. The question remains, however, about how the Christians (mostly Roman Catholic) will be treated under the new government. Perhaps it depends on which of the three kings will be ruling that portion of Borneo.

I suspect that if there is a "Daniel" among them (as per Daniel 6:2), he will probably be given Mindanao, because its name means "Land of Promise," or The Promised Land.

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