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Taking Rome for the Kingdom

Apr 10, 2010

Operation Snowmageddon has been about "taking Rome." Our main focus, of course, was the application of this to the American Rome, Washington D.C.

However, there has also been another layer of application to this. It is applicable to Rome itself. The one in Italy. Last month the New York Times published an article on March 25, asserting that Cardinal Ratzinger, before becoming pope Benedict XVI, had refused to defrock about 200 priests who were accused of molesting young boys.


It is not for me to say whether these charges are true or false, but God tends to use non-believers to judge the church. When the church hides its sins and engages in coverups, God has His ways of exposing them in public.

The other day another letter was located, wirtten by Cardinal Ratzinger, in regard to a specific priest. Here is the text. . .


At the Manassas Conference, one thing that was done Sunday afternoon during the prophetic session was that Vanita was led to give me a key representing "the keys of the Kingdom." The history of this goes back to 1990 when a group of women from the Houston area went on a European trip, first to Rome and then to the Berlin Wall and other places.

Prophetically speaking, they took the keys of the kingdom from Rome, and then last week (through Vanita) were giving these to the Sons of God in Manassas. It seems, then, that the effect of this is being felt in Rome itself, and it makes me wonder if perhaps this latest homosexual pedophile scandal is going to have a greater impact upon the Roman Church than is currently seen.

At the very least, Operation Snowmageddon is certainly having an effect upon the Church of Rome, as well as upon Washington D.C.

We live in interesting times.

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