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Tabernacles Conference Sept. 24-26

Apr 27, 2010

We had been planning to return to Manassas, VA for the Tabernacles conference in September, but there has been a change of plans. Here is an email that James just sent me:

The tentative meeting at Manassas for this fall will not work out. The hotel informed me that they did not realize they have a wedding reception scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 18th, and could we vacate the room and come back Sunday, they wondered. Told them that just was not acceptable. So after the meeting last October at Sweetwater, I already had allowed Millie at the Magnuson to pencil us in for this year. This morning I contracted with her to hold the conference there on the first weekend of Tabernacles (September 24-26th).

So the conference will be held at the Magnusson Hotel in Sweetwater, TN. It is the same location that we have met in the past two years. More details will be given later.

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