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Review of the two 76-day periods in 2010

Apr 17, 2010

Every prophetic year culminates at the Feast of Tabernacles. Then, after a few weeks of "silence," the next prophetic year begins, usually in early November. It begins with 2 periods of 76 days of "cleansing," and the dates establishing these time frames reveal the framework for the divine plan for that prophetic year.

We have now completed the second 76-day period on April 12, 2010 for this particular prophetic year. So we may now give some analysis of what to expect by October of this year. In other words, what is God intending to achieve this year in the history of the Kingdom?

The prophetic year began on November 12, 2009. At that time an outbreak of divine healing broke out at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) near Kansas City, MO. They themselves dated this outbreak on November 11, so we came to see that Nov. 12 was to be taken as a "ball-park figure."

76 days later fell on January 27, dating from November 12. Again, the "ball-park figure" would include January 26, dating from November 11. On January 26 a Polish beekeeper named Josef suddenly revived after being dead for some hours. It was reported on January 27.

This revival was significant because earlier in January we had already seen signs in regard to the raising of the dead. We also had revelation that New Year's Eve was to be celebrated as "A New Year's Passover." This drew our attention to the feast of Passover itself, as well as Jesus' death on the cross which fulfilled that feast in the New Testament.

Our attention was drawn to the fact that there was an earthquake when He died (Matt. 27:50-54). So we expected to see an earthquake about that time. What actually happened, however, was the start of a series of earthquakes around the globe, beginning with the quake in Haiti on January 12.

Since then we have seen seen many quakes hitting large population centers. Notable was the 8.8 Richter quake that hit Chile on Feb. 27, where the city of Concepcion was moved 10 feet to the west. Again, a 7.2 Richter quake hit Baja California on April 4 while we were in Manassas, VA for our Passover conference. In fact, on that day we were led to anoint the people with a special prayer for their protection in the days ahead.

Then on April 6 a 7.7 Richter earthquake struck Sumatra. A few days later on April 10 much of the government of Poland was killed in a plane crash on the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, which in 1940 had destroyed the leadership (officers) of Poland. Two days later the president of Kyrgyzstan was also deposed and was forced to flee for his life.

Finally, on April 14 a 6.9 richter quake struck Western China, killing over 1000 people.

With all of these quakes, spread out over a period of time, it seems that we are to view "Passover" this year in a broader sense than just a single day. It is acting more like a Passover SEASON. Perhaps, if we use the principle of a day for a year (Ez. 4:6), this entire prophetic year could be seen as a Passover Day/Year. Precisely what that might mean is yet to be revealed, but we do have the pattern of Jesus' death on the cross as our prime example.

If you recall from other studies that Daniels 70 weeks (490) ended at the crucifixion, dating from the 7th year of Artaxerxes in 458 B.C., and ending in 33 A.D. (Those dates are proven in my book, Secrets of Time.) This shows that the crucifixion Passover was the end of God's 490-year obligation to forgive Jerusalem's sin, as per Matthew 18:22.

In Jesus' parable illustrating the purpose of the 490 times of forgiveness, He said that this is the time of "reckoning" the acounts. That is, it is foreclosure time. Debtors receive grace only if they are willing to extend that same grace to others. This is what Jesus did on the cross. God foreclosed upon Jerusalem (and the entire world as well), but Jesus then paid the debt for sin.

So if 2010 is a "Passover" year of some sort, we should be able to find some way to apply the principle of reckoning the debt. And, indeed, we find this to be the case. Look at the date of the Haiti quake, January 12, 2010, which was our first major Passover sign. January 12, 2010 was the 1470th day from January 4, 2006.

1470 = 3 x 490 days

January 4, 2006 was the day that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had his stroke which left him in a vegetative state. I saw him as a type of the Old Jerusalem, because Isaiah 29:1 calls the city by its poetic name, "Ariel." Isaiah prophesies that Jerusalem, which was supposed to be the "Lion of God," was to become the "Hearth of God" (that is, a fireplace). The name "Ariel" has this double meaning, and the prophet uses this as an occasion of prophecy.

So when Ariel Sharon's political career ended with a stroke on January 4, 2006, I took this as a sign of the soon-coming fulfillment of Isaiah 29, where we learn that Jerusalem is to be nuked (vs. 5, 6).

Confirming the importance of this cycle of 3 x 490 days, the Israeli givernment officially declared Sharon to be incapacitated on April 11, 2006. The 1470th day from that declaration brings us to April 19, 2010, which is the Independence Day for the Israeli state this year (by their Jewish calendar, the 5th of Iyyar). 

A third confirmation . . . On March 27, 2006 a group of us met near Sacramento, CA and were led on this date to throw our shoe over Edom, as per Psalm 60:8 and Deut. 25:5-10. We understood this to be a prophetic act representing God's refusal to bring forth the Son of Promise through Edom which pretends to be Israel.

The 1470th day after this "shoe" was cast brings us to April 4, 2010, the date of the quake in Baja, California and the last day of our Manassas Conference where we anointed the people for protection.

These are all significant dates, though we do not yet know what might occur on April 19, other than this being the Israeli State's 62nd birthday. Recall that I talked about this 62-year cycle in regard to the Latter Rain Movement's anniversary on Feb. 14 of this year. Well, April 19 is the next significant end of the 62-year cycle.

Recall that 1948 was the end of the Babylonian cycle of 8 x 414 years from Israel's first captivity in Judges 3:8-10. It is also 6 x 414 years from the fall of Babylon in 537 B.C. to the year 1948.

In 1948 Babylon was usurped by Edom, even as Esau had killed Nimrod as recorded in the book of Jasher.

Edom's control of Babylon, then, is coming to an end after 62 years. The head of gold is falling to the arms of silver. A portion of Nero's palace called "The House of Gold," located in Rome, collapsed on March 30. Now on April 16 Goldman Sachs was charged with fraud by the SEC for its role in the mortgage collapse of 2007.

So 2010 is emerging as a pivotal year in the overthrow of Babylon, the head of gold. At the same time, God is using "the kings of the east" to replace the existing system temporarily until the Kingdom of God can be fully established. In Daniel 6 and Isaiah 45 we see that Medo-Persia was God's way of establishing a type of the Kingdom. This same pattern seems to be emerging in 2010.

So regardless of the fear that men have today, we should view these historic events as God's method of setting His people free from the oppression of Babylon. His Kingdom is not being overthrown, but is being established steadily, step by step. It is only the Babylonian citizens who should be fearful, because they have been part of the wrong kingdom.

I believe that the two 76-day periods indicate a new move of the Holy Spirit, which is raising the dead and overthrowing Babylon in the process. We are in a critical point of history, comparable in some way to that great Passover where Jesus was crucified and rose again.

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