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Manassas Conference Report

Apr 08, 2010

We arrived home yesterday. In a few minutes I will be driving Darla to the airport, as she has been assigned to Grandkids Duty and will be gone for the next ten days. Pray for those of us who are alive and remain unto her coming.

The Manassas Conference saw the conclusion of Operation Snowmageddon, our most recent prayer campaign to bring the Revelation of Truth to Washington D.C. This prayer campaign began with the Joseph Conference in San Jose on March 5-7.

A major snow storm and hail has struck Washington State this week, where parts of the Cascades are expected to receive up to two feet of snow.


We have observed for many years the connection between Washington State and Washington D.C. We often see signs in the State of spiritual events or conditions in Washington D.C. So this snow storm, timed right now, is an indicator of soon-coming revelation in the nation's capital. God knows they need it.

Likewise, last Sunday's earthquake just south of the California border in Mexico came on the day of the wave-sheaf offering. When Jesus was raised from the dead on the wave-sheaf offering, there was also an earthquake. It took place at the culmination of our Manassas conference, which focused upon Joseph, Manasseh, and the healing of the breach. Many years ago it was revealed that there are 12 spiritual "gates" around America, as well as a "prayer wall of defense." It was revealed that San Diego is the Gate of Healing. San Diego, CA was shaken considerably by this 7.2 earthquake. The ultimate "healing," of course, is resurrection, so it is significant that it occurred on the wave-sheaf offering.

I believe that God is putting pressure upon America (and the world) that will cause the plans of men to fail. In fact, failure is a natural consequence of rejecting Christ's right to rule the nations, because man is not capable of ruling properly apart from Christ and His law. Each failure of man requires a new security measure to hold on to power. They must instill fear in order to stay in power, because the chains of security continue to remove freedoms and increase the discontent.

The divine plan is to manifest the sons of God at the point in time where they are needed to replace the current form of man's failed government. This manifestation is pictured by the eighth day of Tabernacles. It was the day that Moses came off the mount with his face shining in Exodus 34. He was carrying the tablets of the law which had been duplicated after breaking the first set in chapter 32.

The text was the same, we are told. The difference is that, whereas the first set was broken before it could be placed in the ark of the covenant in the tabernacle, the second set was placed in the heart of the tabernacle. This signified the law being placed (and "written") in our hearts.

From another perspective, keep in mind that the tablets of the law were not placed in the outer court, nor even in the Holy Place. They were placed in the Most Holy Place. This means a number of things. First, it is to be written in our hearts, because the law is the expression of His mind and His will. The law becomes our very nature, so that violating its precepts becomes foreign to us. Secondly, the three sections of the Tabernacle signify the three main feast days insofar as our personal experience and interaction with God: Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification.

The Most Holy Place speaks of the feast of Tabernacles and the day that Moses' face was glorified as He carried the law from the mount. This is also why the law (Deuteronomy) was read during the feast of Tabernacles--not at Passover or Pentecost. The law was an integral part of the Most Holy Place and the feast of Tabernacles. God intends that we walk the highway of holiness from the outer court into the Most Holy Place and then abide there continually, being in agreement with the full intent and purpose of the law.

God is currently training us to abide in His presence continually. The New Covenant, in fact, makes it His duty and responsibility to accomplish this in us. Whereas the Old Covenant put the responsibility upon us by the use of the word "if," the New Covenant has no "if's" in it at all. It is all about God accomplishing it in us.

The problem, then, has been the Old Covenant's method of attaining perfection, because man has always proved incapable of fulfilling his vows of obedience, even when his intent is sincere. We find that we break the Old Covenant at the base of the mount, long before it is placed in our hearts (Ark). So God devised a new method called the New Covenant. This is the one that will succeed in writing the law on our hearts. And take note that the same law is present in BOTH covenants. The covenants are the two methods by which the law are to be written on our hearts. One fails, while the other succeeds.

There are many "breaches" being repaired. The original breach, of course, was when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. It was a breach between God and man and also between man and woman. From this small beginning came broken relationships throughout history.

Jacob later created a breach in the original Birthright by giving Levi the priesthood, Judah the scepter, and Joseph the right of Sonship. Yet Christ is the Repairer of the Breach, for He came to reunite those pieces back in Himself. He became the high priest of the order of Melchizedek (replacing Levi and his order). The scepter was usurped in His first coming and the Sonship of Joseph was usurped as we approached the time of His second appearance.

But the usurpers have now lost their case in the divine court, and the sons of God are rising as His body to receive the fullness of the promise. The breaches are being repaired on every level, the disputes are being adjudicated in the divine court one by one, and the saints of the Most High are being given the Kingdom.

Last Sunday afternoon we focused upon the breach between man and woman. God is the one who separated the two in the first place. The separation itself was not a breach, because they were in unity ("one flesh"). The breach was caused by sin, which brought death and imperfection.

In the end, however, Paul tells us that in the spirit there is neither male nor female. I do not think he was telling us that God would eliminate the distinctions between male and female. Rather, he was saying that the breach between them would be repaired, so that both would hear God's voice perfectly, and both would have the law (mind) of God written on their hearts. In other words, both would do God's will perfectly, so that there would be no need for one to have authority over the other, telling them what to do as an obedient servant.

The goal of the Old Covenant is perfect obedience. The goal of the New Covenant is unity and agreement as to the mind of God.

The CD's and DVD's of the conference will be available through Stone Kingdom Ministries. When they are available, I will let you know who to contact. Many of you already know, of course. But I don't have the equipment or the time to duplicate these myself, so I am happy to have Stone Kingdom Ministries distribute them.

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